Friday, October 1, 2010

Curly Hair Update

Still growing the 'ol hair out but got in a mood the other day to go "au naturale" and see what's cooking in that department.  

Previous Curly Girl Posts in the last year as I grow my hair out.

You know how some blogger gals post their outfits of the week?  Well, since I wear the same thing over and over (yes, I'm channeling my mother!), I could post my hairstyles of the week.  I change it all the time.  Hubs NEVER knows what I'll look like when he comes home and he loves it.  lol

How can I get the ends not to look so........scraggly?  I've just had a haircut!  I'm sure it is my "fluffing" or some technique I'm either lacking or screwing up.  Help!  BTW, none of my guys agrees it looks scraggly.  Hmmm...

OK, now here I have run my fingers through the ends to "fluff" them (after dry).  Did it help or make it worse?

Hey, I'm getting an Angelina Jolie vein straight down my forehead.  Cool!  Are our eyes supposed to disappear when we smile as we age?  Hello???

And here we have the rat's nest, on the girl who did NOT know she had curly hair until she was in her late 30's.  Ummmm, can I blame my mom for not pointing it out?  LMBO  This is with NO special technique OR product.

I've decided, I much prefer indoor light - look definitely younger!  Ha!

A photo I took last week, my slightly curled, wavy look.           (Taken on Iphone - sorry.)

Have a great weekend!



  1. Your hair does NOT look scraggley. It is very pretty. It just looks thinner on the ends, probably because of the layering.

    I am following you (a day late) from Friday Follow Over 40. I would appreciate it if you could stop by and return the favor.

    I am giving a Halloween Apron away to one of my followers 10/5

  2. Ah, to have curly hair naturally. Mine is straight and coarse. I agree with Terry. Your hair is not scraggley looking. It reminds me of the Farrah Fawcett feathery look. :-)
    Su-sieee! Mac
    This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

  3. Awww, the layers. That's it! Thanks!


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