Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do you shop at Origins?

I have never been to an Origins store or counter (in Macy's or Dillards near us), and was surprised when I walked in a stand alone store in a shopping area while hubs shopped for new phones.   I loved how the store was NOT heavily scented, or I would have had to leave.  Why do stores do that?

Anyhoo...I asked what products they have for dry, maturing skin and I was introduced to 2 that I want to strongly recommend.  (Others not so much - for example, their foundation was awful for my skin and their eye cream did nothing for me).

First, for mild exfoliation, you must try the Modern Friction - Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion.........this stuff is amazing.  Very sticky and folks, a little goes a LONG way.  I am still using the sample I was given, 3 weeks later!!  I use this 2-3 times a week.  We weren't going to buy it until they used it on my husband and he was SOLD.   Your skin feels baby soft after using this.  (They also have a Modern Friction for the body, but we didn't try that).  We lucked out and found this at a CCS - a store I had also not visited before, so we saved a bit more.

See how thick this is?
 It has little rice beads in it....

This is obviously smeared over skin....very thick, very sticky.  You lightly dampen your face, then apply a tiny amount.    Then rinse off.  Wonderful stuff.

Now the second product had us hesitant at the get go.  WAY more money than we ever spend (and we haven't spent it yet...more on that).   The new very highly touted Plantscription - Anti-Aging Serum.  Have you heard of it or seen the commercials?

This is the SAMPLE.  The full-size has a pump bottle.  One sample size is one week's worth of product.

The sales lady explained that this is their best new creation - an "all natural Retinoid", since Retinols are so damaging to the skin.  Using this plant-based product, the skin is safer but still sees similar or even better results than prescription Retinol products.   Lines and wrinkles were greatly diminished in clinical trials.

Well, my engineer husband just really wanted to know WHY the cost is $55 for 1 fl oz (that they say will last 3 months but engineer hubby did the math and will actually run out sooner compared to the sample size)? Me too.   That gal gave us a sample and assured us we'd be back.    From what I've been reading online in testimonials, long-time Youthtopia users went to the store with a scowl, NOT planning on liking Plantscription and now they are saying "Youthtopia who?"  lol

It takes a TINY amount - more is not better!  You put it on after the toner but before your moisturizer.  I use this much or LESS each morning and evening:

Sorry for the blurry photo - this product is very smooth and thinly creamy...not sure how to describe.  It leaves a light film on the face before soaking in.  You almost can't feel it.
 As I mentioned, we were traveling last week, so guess what we did?  We ended up acquiring 5 samples at 5 different stores!!!!!!!  The advertising states that one will see dramatic results within 6 weeks, so we decided to find out before purchasing.  Smart, eh? 

I can tell you that SOMETHING huge has happened to my skin in the last 2 weeks.  Is it the Plantscription and/or the Modern Friction?  I cannot tell you for sure, but it is amazing.  Hubs has actually stopped and looked deeply at my skin, run his fingers across my face and asked what was different.  Remember he's an engineer.  I'm not "data".  lol  If HE noticed, it is noticeable.

Am I going to run out and purchase this?  No.  Honestly, not in the budget and I am still deeply in love with my Simply Divine Botanical  - all natural, no chemicals whatsoever - skin care products (that I have written about MANY times...) and have plenty of those to use up.  But I will wait and see what my skin does after I run out of samples.  lol  And then, I'll give another opinion.  Is it really something I can't live without?  We'll see.

Meanwhile, Hubs and I BOTH are using the Modern Friction......such wonderful, soft skin.  And at the amounts required, that tube will last us over 6 months if not longer.

If you didn't already know, Origins is a very "sample-friendly" store.  Just go in and ask for a sample or schedule a free facial...and they will explain the best products for your skin type and the steps recommended.

*I was NOT compensated in any way for this post by any company.  My opinions are truthful and my own.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've Been Featured!

Mandy, over at Sugar Bee Crafts, has featured my  

   Have you visited her site?  If not, scoot on over there today!

Thanks Mandy!


$4.99 Make-up Palettes at Target!

Have you seen the E.L.F. palettes at Target?  I just saw that they have new ones.....but not sure if they are truly new.   I bought the last set and now got these.   I can tell you the pigmentation is really great....and for the price?  Frankly, very surprised!

 This is the Smokey Eye Palette

The Neutral Eye Shadow Palette.

They had at least 6 more combinations at the store I visited.......and they don't last long.  These have always been on the end cap areas as I walk by the makeup section on the way to the rest of the store.  Nice and accessible!  If I don't get a photo, the covers are white this time.  (They were dark last time.)

Where can you find a deal like that and have quality products to boot?


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stunning Lipstick/Lipgloss Combo

Remember when I mentioned in THIS post how my next goal was to get the Victoria Secret Very Sexy Perfect "Hot Spot" lipstick and the Milani 3D Glitzy Lip Gloss in "Fashion Diva" (and that wonderful video showing the combo)?   She also mentioned Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in Tiramisu, which I show in this photo but do not have on my lips below.

Rimmel Lipliner in Tiramisu, Victoria Secret Very Sexy Perfect Lipstick in Hot Spot and Milani 3D Glitzy LipGloss in Fashion Diva

Well, I did!  And it is gorgeous!

Milani 3D Glitzy Lip Gloss in Fashion Diva (alone)
Victoria Secret Very Sexy Perfect Lipstick in Hot Spot


Love love love this combination....isn't it pretty??  Clearly, I am not meant to be a lip model....but I had to show you what it looked like!  And I will be very happy when that dry spot on my lower left lip goes away!

I can only get Milani products at my local CVS Pharmacy (that I know of).  Great drug store for sales!

And a shocker - look up there at that photo of the gloss.....see how much is gone?  I wear this EVERY DAY, all day.  It is SO moisturizing....I put it on as lip conditioner.  That's gonna have to slow down because I can't go through one every 2 weeks!  It is THE perfect lip gloss shade....I haven't found a color it doesn't look good on.  


Monday, March 28, 2011

Cute Crochet Bunny

I thought I'd try to do a little bunny.....and this is my first attempt.  I had trouble with the pattern (Yawn...old story, eh?) so I tweaked it a bit.  I'm pretty happy with it.....

The way the variegated yarn had that white at the back end is a little annoying... you never know what color will go where.

Next go round, I want the ears taller and narrower and more defined bunny feet.

Does it look like a bunny to you? 


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Queen Anne's Lace Scarf

Are you ready to see my most prized just-finished creation?  I am in LOVE............

Well, first......I showed a sneak peek....

Then I shared my trials and tribulations getting it blocked.....

And without further ado, I Queen Anne's Lace scarf  (which I just found out is technically an Advanced stitch.....and I'm 1.5 months into to self-taught crochet!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!

I made 60 motifs and am 5' is VERY long.  lol  Pattern called for 50 to 60 motifs...I clearly need to practice with different scarf folding techniques, but I just LOVE this scarf.  So soft!!  So beautiful!!

Here is the FREE pattern:  (Scroll down past the pictures that no longer show for the pattern.)

And if you have trouble reading patterns like I do, PLEASE visit this angel of a blogger, who explained it with PHOTOS - woo hoo!!

And, if you want both ends of the scarf to match, try this new tutorial:

Have I mentioned how much I love crocheting???  And apparently over 1800 other crocheters on Ravelry love this pattern too.  For crochet heaven photos, check out Ravelry!!

I may be linking up to THESE parties!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Misadventures Blocking My First Crochet Scarf

This was too funny not to share.  To set the scene, I've been fully reclined since we got back last Sunday from our long trip - 9 hours each way in a vehicle.  My recliner in the vehicle, to be exact - See HERE.   

Anyhoo....I've been hurting bad and haven't gotten out of my recliner but to eat and attend to hygiene.  And I should have stayed with that plan.

I finally finished my beautiful scarf and wanted to get it blocked.  I've never blocked anything.  That should have been  my first warning sign.  lol

I got the scarf all laid out on my ironing board.  I then showered and started getting ready for the day.

For some odd reason, I decided right THEN was a great time to go block the scarf.  Naked.  Hair dripping wet.  Makeup half on.  

I turned the iron on and noticed it didn't have water in it.  I needed water for the steam.  Steam to block the scarf.  

I go get water to pour in the iron.  (Remember, I can't bend over ever, so unplugging the iron and taking it to the bathroom isn't an option.)

I hold the bottle of water up to pour, I hold the iron handle in my right hand AND.............I put my left hand fingers on the HOT PART OF THE IRON.  Why?  I have no idea.  Just pure stupidity.

So, seconds later, I'm looking at immediately white fingers.  Strangely, the pain isn't what I thought it would be, but then again, I think I've mentioned I don't respond to pain appropriately. (As in, I can be almost dying and have a smile on my face.  Scary dangerous.)

I literally stand staring at my fingers as they turn more and more white.  I'm thinking, 

"What should I do?  This can't be good?"  

Does anyone else have a freeze response to stress?  I sure do.  One time when Ryan was an itty bitty baby, my van was hit from behind.  By the time I "came out" of my freeze response, my mom (a passenger that day) had checked on Ryan AND was out talking to the idiot who hit us.  lol 

Yet I stand staring.  For I'm not sure how long.

Then I think, "I know, I'll go look up on my computer what to do." 

I throw on my nighty and take my burned fingers and dripping wet hair out to the living room.  Information says to immediately run cold water over my fingers, for 20 minutes.  Has it already been 20 minutes?

I go to the sink and turn the water on.  OUCH!!!!!!!  This is the most pain I've had since the incident, so I stop that.  lol  

The info also mentioned Aloe.  I get aloe and spray my fingers and ask my 18 yr old to come tape my fingers with gauze.  That wasn't a great idea.  When he decides to get off his online game, he saunters in and stares at me.  No idea what to do.  

I could have done it myself by the time I got it explained and he understood.  

Hubs came home after work and was very concerned for infection, so took me to the Minor Med.  1.5 hours later, I was diagnosed with 2nd degree burns (ACK!) and given a script for burn cream.

Why do they always ask about previous surgeries?  By the time the nurse got done writing down all the meds I must take (lots of problems with nerve damage in various other areas....not just my legs and feet), she then had writers cramp after writing down all my surgeries.  It is almost faster to just write what organs I still have left.  lol 

Then she asked - "Do I drink or take drugs?"

I die laughing...........uh, that would be NO.  But I fear I am driving my poor husband to drink.  lol

OH, and as if that wasn't enough..........shortly after said 18 yr. old had  bandaged my hand.........I did block the scarf.  Yes, I did.  I was almost done when I had an urge to pee.  (And with all the nerve damage, I DON'T get urges to pee very often.  When I do, I must RUN......)
So I scurry to the toilet, pull my undergarments down (I'm no longer naked since the 18 yr. old had to help me, 'cause I'm a good mom like that....) and a huge PAIN goes down my lower thigh to my knee.  What the heck??  I look and I have a HUGE red scratch.  What kind of bandage did that kid put on me???  That scratch hurt more than the burn!  My body is just plain backwards (as has actually been proven during nerve studies.....I'm not wired "normally"

I look at my bandaged fingers and what do I see????   A PIN (see those big yellow pins up there in that scarf photo??) stuck in and the pointy end sticking out.  THAT is what just scratched the crud out of my leg.

I forgot about it and when hubs was helping me undress once we got home, he was alarmed at the big scratch.   "What happened to your leg, honey????!!!!!!!!!!!"

Folks, it just doesn't end.  This isn't even that uncommon in my house. 

Story of my life.  Hubs said, "Sugar Plum, can you just let ME handle these things next time?"

I was just trying to help.  I get to feeling guilty when I live reclined for days on end. 

P.S.  I'm pretty sure I don't have an singed skin on the scarf.  I hope, anyway.  :)


Friday, March 25, 2011

The Perfect Makeup Travel Compact

Guess what?  My mother has a discount to JcPenney after many years of faithful service and guess what is in many JCPenney's?  Sephora!!  On a recent trip, we were able to visit one.  Yay!
As we were looking around, there was a section of small samples or purse sized items and I saw this compact and stopped in my tracks.  Currently, my purse makeup bag is just overflowing with things AND I don't ever have all that I wish  I did.  Anyone with that problem?

I saw this and said, "This is it!! Everything I could possibly need AND every color I might be wearing!"  I could be having a "neutral" day or a "purple" day and I'm set for touch-ups.  What could be better?

Yes, it is a TRIO!

First, the Eye Shadows:

Then Lip sticks and Glosses:

And can you believe it - Blush and Bronzer!

I wanted to show how compact this is!

And lucky me, my sister got me a great Sephora travel makeup brush kit for Christmas this year.  So, I'm set!

I got the last one of these compacts at the JCPenney Sephora we were was in the middle of the store near the counter where all the smaller sized samples and items were.  

And guess how much?  (Value $55......)

$15.  (Full price, I got a discount.....thanks Mom!)  For all that makeup!

Here is the link on the Sephora website:

This is the travel brush set my wonderful sister got me:

Sephora Face and Eye Travel Set

Oh, and I was able to get to a Victoria Secret and get that lipstick I mentioned in this post - Victoria Secret Hot Spot and the Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Fashion Diva.  I am in LOVE with the gloss.....the lip stick is quite pigmented and I will wear for special occasions.  But GORGEOUS.  I will do a post soon with swatches and photos!  Meanwhile, check out CVS and get this will love it!



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rue La La Love!

They're here!!!  My wonderful shoes from Rue La La!  

The original full price on these shoes is over $130.  Sanita Bridget

Due to nerve damage and balance issues, I exclusively wear Dansko and Sanita brand clogs.   This brand is amazing and many medical professionals wear them due to the comfort and posture correcting can wear them for many hours and not have any foot fatigue.  (Dansko and Sanita used to be the same company until they split. Sanita clogs now run a smidge wider, so I ordered a size down than I normally wear in Dansko.) 

But what is the exciting part here is the PRICE I paid for these brand new, current style shoes! 


Here is proof of their current price:




I could go on.  The point I'm making is......Rue La La had the lowest price by far!

Have you checked out Rue La La yet?  It is a daily boutique sale site.....each day, different companies offer their products at deep discounts.  You never know what will be next.   You can check a week at a time what is coming up....but if you have something you would love (and perhaps already buy but would like a deep discount) is likely to be up soon.

Here is how it works:

1.  You sign up for free.

2.  You receive a daily email showing what sales are available today.  If uninterested, delete and wait for tomorrow.

3.  If you find something you would love (and after you recover from the low low price!), order and do not fret.  If you are unhappy for any reason, most items can be returned.  Working with the Rue La La "Concierge" customer service is a dream.  I have returned a few items and it was a painless, expedient process.

I have purchased shoes, skin care products and clothing....all items I would normally purchase but got in on the great savings.  I look forward to the daily emails...if for nothing else to keep abreast of current styles and prices to help me with my frugal plans!

I was not paid in any way to post about this company.....I just personally love them and am thrilled this company was recommended to me.  You will be too!  In fact, I thought my sister knew about 

and I found out she did not - she was not happy I failed to tell her about this Sanita sale.  (She didn't see my blog post!)  My mom, sister and I all wear Dansko/Sanita shoes.  Love them!  And at $120 and up, we LOVE a good sale!

If you'd like to check out Rue La La for yourself, just click on my referral link and get started.  It is 100%, no obligation in any way.  If at any time, you wish to stop receiving the daily emails, just unsubscribe.  It's that simple!  (But be aware your budget will increase if you do so!)  lol

Have fun and save money!


WIP Wednesday

I'm joining some parties that show what crocheters and knitters are working on and not yet finished.  I've finally chosen a larger project that I can't finish in one evening.  lol  And I LOVE it.  So pretty.

It is called the Queen Anne's Lace Scarf.  

Isn't this gorgeous?

I know I've mentioned many times that since I taught myself to crochet last month via You Tube videos, I often struggle with written patterns.  I need PHOTOS!  lol

So starting this pattern was a BEAR.  Oh boy, did I start and stop many times.  I kept looking at the finished projects of others on Ravelry, and my creation just did not look like theirs.

Well, my dears, it wasn't supposed to. It is quite ugly as it starts out.  In desperation, I searched online and found a very dear blogger who took photos and explained step by step.  This angel blogs here:

Bless her!!  Thanks to her help, I got this rolling on our trip back from Dallas and I'm working on it a little each night.  Just LOVE it!

Here is the free pattern:

The photos no longer show, but scroll down to the directions OR go check out the above blogger for the photo tutorial.

If you want to see a zillion projects of this scarf by other crocheters, check out this link on Ravelry:

Queen Anne's Lace Scarf Project Photos on Ravelry

(I hope this works for those who aren't free members.  If you love crochet and knitting, you can join free!)

I can't wait until I get a little better, perhaps start writing my own patterns. I am going to remember those like me who learn just a little differently than every one else.  Pictures are key!!!  lol

I'm joining these parties:

WIP Wednesday's with Tami Ami's and Other Crochet


I hope to have this done by Friday!!  (Have to decide just how long I want it - so far I have 42 motifs....)