Monday, July 25, 2011

Best friends...30 years later

Met last night with friends from high school and had the BEST time!!  2 of my closest friends from school recreated an old photo I had.....

This is Marnie, Cheri (Me) and junior high (8th or 9th grade), on the way to a Six Flags field trip.  Pig tails, really.........??  lol

30 years later.....

We didn't do the exact order....Marnie's on the other side of me.....I wanted to take the photo from the thighs

Edit to add this photo from a friend at the party - my favorite, I think!

I believe it was 11 of us that got together to catch up...several of us coming from out of town...Indiana, Colorado, Mississippi....

While many people knock Facebook, it is the conduit that allowed us to get together for the 3rd year now in a row!!  Holly lets everyone know when she's coming down to visit her folks and we all try to meet in some way or another.  Thanks Holly!

P.S.  I DID travel without the recliner in the van....and am doing great.  Our 18 and 22 yr old boys came with (didn't have to drive their own car - the recliner takes up the entire van...) and having stayed up all night prior, they slept the entire way.  We felt like we had babies in car seats....when we stopped for potty breaks, we took turns and left the car running and the same with lunch.  *Roll Eyes*  They woke up within 30 minutes of our destination (8+ hour car ride one way).

P.S.  On the drive down, I crocheted 2 new washcloths and they are utter perfection...they are actually a perfect square WITHOUT manipulating them to "look" that way.  Ha!  I've decided natural light makes a huge difference....can't wait to get photos in the light box and show you!

Hope you are having a fantastic week too!



  1. That's so funny because my friend did the same thing for me and my friends. We had an old picture in Hawaii of all of us, then years later, she made a picture of us at our class reunion and another one at my 25th anniversary. That's a great picture of you! Old friends are the best friends, aren't they?
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. Great picture of you all then and now! What fun. Kathi


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