Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shades of Purple

My favorite color, hands down, is purple.  Eggplant, lavender, especially brown based purple....bring all purple to my party!  Being the only girl at my house doesn't allow for much purple to be here, but I did bring that color into my Christmas decor...yay!

Today at The Foundary, a free online boutique store with primarily household goods, had a sale called "Shades of Purple".

Here are 3 items they had:

OH MY!!!!!  Doesn't this look luscious?  Wonder if it feels as soft on your feet as it looks like it would?  For a mere $800 for a 5X8 or $1800 for 8X11 (COUGH COUGH)...regularly $3149... this could be yours!  Just dreaming over here....

Lavender anyone....

And then this eggplant headboard caught my eye:

$295 for a King size...thought that was quite reasonable, relatively speaking.....

Anyhoo...if you've never heard of "The Foundary" and would like to check it out, click HERE.  It is the usual email a day, showing what they are offering - delete if uninterested.  Joining is free and some great sales come around.  I've never purchased anything from this site, but love dreaming, getting ideas and planning decor at our new home (one of these days).

Today, they have faux fur blankets/items, canning tools, jewelry armoires, kids rugs, picture frames and more....

In other news, today was my first full day as a sales consultant.  After a very slow start, I was slammed with several couples in a short period time.  After gathering my thoughts and collecting all notes in one place, I realized - I LOVE helping people.  I truly truly do.  I wish you could have seen those eyes just light up when I was able to specifically help answer questions....our homes sell themselves.  All I have to do is be helpful....

I feel very blessed to have had this job drop in my lap.  Last night, I almost passed out...before 10pm, I told Andy I had to go to bed.  And in minutes, he said I looked frozen, out like a light.  I was TIRED! Even though my body is trying to decide what just happened to it, my heart and mind are very full....

Hope you had a great week/Saturday!


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  1. Me, too! I just love's my favorite color. Like you, though, I'm the only girl in a house full of men, so don't have it much in my decorating. LOL

    I'm so glad you're enjoying your job! They are so blessed to have you, girlfriend!! Get some rest and know you're in my prayers. :)

    Blessings - Julie


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