Saturday, February 18, 2012

Time to FILL the Foundation

It is official...this is the longest foundation in my company's history.  Started mid-December, we are just now able to fill the block and get ready to pour the concrete....and after this fill yesterday and major rain in the forecast, the engineer we hired to consult on the groundwork and concrete recommended this be covered in plastic to preserve the current condition so that may or may not have been done last night by those able to do so.


In other news, I ordered more of the miracle product that has dramatically improved the cognitive functioning of our 19 year old and simply MUST get a blog post up about this .....short version...diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome a year ago and having been in a deep aspie "fog" for years....he is now aware, motivated, talking, taking classes, looking toward his future, his anxiety lessening.....SHOCKING improvement......

Anyhoo......this is the 3rd time we have ordered this PSP (polysaccharide peptides) from Thailand and I guess the US Border Patrol searched it....and opened one of the cans....see the photo of the plastic having been cut with a sharp edge and an entire can was destroyed......$45 worth of product.....GRRR......good news, the company reimbursed me minus shipping....but it wasn't THEIR fault....Don't they have sniffing dogs or something?

You take this 3 times a day for 90 days and then once a day maintenance.  This has been a MIRACLE for my son and for me....husband hasn't noticed much if any difference but Alexithymia can account for that...doesn't mean there hasn't been any difference.  Holt's transformation has been simply miraculous and I WILL get a post on here about it.  I have his permission.  I just get so overwhelmed emotionally every time I attempt to put a post together....

For more information on this product, the US version can read about HERE.  I buy it straight from Thailand and give that info if someone is curious.  I recommend ordered a can or two from this source to see if it is something that would help you/your family....before ordering and paying the shipping from Thailand.

Ok, off to get to work!


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