Sunday, May 20, 2012

House Building - It's Done! We Own It!

We closed Friday.....Finally!  To me, the funniest part has been the last 2 days where EngineerHubby keeps commenting on "HOW DIFFERENT" the house feels now that we own it.  (Mind you, this is our 6th or 7th house purchase, 15th house we've lived in in 25 years of marriage).......anyhooo.......he couldn't wait for me to get back over there which occurred last night.  (I work weekends!)......

He stared, waiting to see me also exclaim how amazingly different it all felt.  It did not.  I stared back.  It is my house, just as it has always been....what's all the fuss?

Well.......I figured it out.  For the entire building process, SOMEONE (not naming any names...) was at the house, pretty much trying to or outright violating the sales contract by working on the house, speaking to the subs, or something.  Or even if he was being legitimately concerned, his "detail-oriented" nature was driving everyone crazy.  Not me - I was a good girl....trying to balance the not fun position of "being married to detail guy and working for the builder".  Not doing that again!

So here are the photos of the "never to be seen like this again" home.....

Taken a while ago...forgot to post....white tube in front has been cut down, thankfully.
We were going to wait to decide what to do with the rest of the backyard after making pool planning decisions, but couldn't get a Certificate of Occupancy without sod, seed or straw.  EmgineerHubby being allergic to straw eliminated that option.  So Hydroseed it was....
The "original" original plan was to leave it "natural" and thus started what became known as "every single thing in this house is upgraded"..... 

View from Front Door

Just a little bit of extra concrete....*cough cough*

Laundry room window turned door for boys entrance.

Garage was bumped out a few feet but we did not move the garage can park normally but now there is room for the riding lawn mower and some storage.

Stop the Presses!!!!!!

THIS PHOTO Shows the TRUE colors in my case anyone was
I've been trying to get over in the right daylight to just have one photo showing true colors.  I'm happy now!  :))

More photos to come........


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  1. It's a beautiful house - I wish you and your family many, many happy years living in it. :)


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