Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good friends bring smiles!

Sometimes life can get really really tough.....and great friends know just what to do......

Doesn't everyone need a sock monkey with a tutu?

THANKS KRISTAN!!  You're the best!


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  1. Hi Cheri! I just might be loosing my mind but I think I initially started following your blog when I came across a post about your SCS because I have one two. Fairly new, as of 5/2012. So I'm still healing. I sent you an email but maybe you never received it. I haven't read a lot, but did make a point to read all about the time leading to and after the SCS. It's absolutely amazing to me how your writings were were my exact thought and words at times. I've spent so much time thinking no one understood and you wrote on your blog my feelings, pain and heartaches right to a t. I'd love to have you write as a guest post if your interested and or have the time. Sincerely, Theresa


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