Monday, January 14, 2013

New Decor

I've done some redecorating since removing Christmas decor...and wanted to share some photos:

I think I may order one more set of these hydrangea vases when they come back up on .........can you guess?????  Joss & Main!!

Have you joined Joss and Main yet?  Really??  Let me share with you all my finds......and the money I have saved is staggering....

Foyer photo:

Green Hydrangea Vase to the left
Green balls in the center
2 green wreaths hanging on outside of front doors

Great Room photo:

107" long Hooker mirrored cabinet (saved over $1000)
Green boxwood trees
6 hydrangea vases

Formal Dining room:
White floral on table

Joss and Main is a FREE online boutique....once you sign up get an email every morning at 10am.....if you see sales that interest you, great...check them out.  If not, delete.  Each sale typically lasts 3 days.  I seriously cannot tell you what a great resource this is so I encourage you to even sign up for a trial can always cancel.  Remember, it is FREE.  And if you plan to buy nothing, it is a GREAT resource to get decorating ideas....

Other items were most likely purchased at TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Home Goods.  This gal is on a budget!  No full price shopping at my home!  Did you know those stores get at least 3 trucks a week, so it is bet to run through frequently and "know" the merchandise so you can quickly grab what is new.....and as always, keep the tags on until you decide if it will work.  But if you wait to won't be there when you go back.  Learned that hard lesson!

And, just in case you have not heard of Follow Me on Pinterest or just have been slow to check it out, let me know if you would like an must have an invite to join (which put me off at first, I will admit)...but if you want an amazing resource for ideas on EVERYTHING....then you just have to check out Pinterest.  Honestly.....just check it out.

When you join, you can simply look at photos and follow other can make your own "boards"...and "pin" photos to those boards...if you click this link .Follow Me on will see my boards......"Decorating with Grey", "Makeup Artistry", "Foods to Try" and much much more.




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