About Me

Hi!  I'm Cheri, a 49 year old mom to 2 boys 23 and 26 and wife to Andy for 28 years.  

I love all things purple. 

I prefer even numbers!

I'm a former overachieving perfectionist.  (This makes those who know me laugh....guess I'm not going such a great job on the recovering part.)

My family moved 24 times before I was in 8th grade.

We are in our 15th house in 7 states since getting married.

Lost 4 babies in 3 miscarriages and one was another boy.  I'm meant to be a boy mom!!

Diagnosed ADHD in my mid-30's.  I was shocked - no one else was! 

Hands are always moving when I talk.

Met and married Andy in less than 8 months.  

I have what is called "DVR Memory" - I remember details about things such as where I was, what was I wearing, who else was there, what color cars were near us......comes in handy!

I have severe nerve damage L5-S1 in both legs and after trying every single thing possible, now have an implanted intrathecal pain pump which has been a difficult journey.  Hoping I am now on the right track.

Mostly have been a SAHM, but did have fun in real estate for a few years, which led to being hired to train new real estate agents.  I loved it - more motivational than academic, though.

I'm an ENFP on the Myers Briggs - only 3% of the population.  Our claim to fame?  We are passionate, see the world as full of possibilities, were put here to motivate others but can often overwhelm with our emphatic, passionate presentation.  It's just who I am and I consider it a great blessing after spending most of my life wondering why God made me this way.  Isn't wisdom enlightening?!!

This blog is an eclectic collection of my interests, what's going on in my family, latest home decor projects, motivational things I've run across.   I have no set "theme", which makes me very happy.  THAT best describes ME - there's a lot going on behind those brown eyes!

Thanks for visiting my corner of the web.  Glad to have you along for the joy!