Monday, March 30, 2009

The Pool is Open!! (So if you need Andy, he's outside!)

We are renting this house (because like The Nester, are working to get our finances in better shape before owning another home) and have never before had a pool. When we saw this home available, it was a no-brainer and were we ever surprised at the quality and amenities.

For one, it is a salt-water filtration and the water is amazing. No chlorine smell, no bleached hair.....just smooth "water-softener" type water. And it is gunite - sprayed in and will last longer than the house probably! Beautiful brick edging, large aggregate deck. And the upkeep? There isn't any! It's the most awesome thing - a small vacuum type device constantly moves through the pool resulting in no need for vacuuming or sweeping. Very occasionally, we use the net to get bugs or something off the water. Put salt in it occasionally, and that's it! It has mood lighting at night which we can set to stay one color, or alternate colors. And even those waterfalls have their own mood lighting - my favorite is the periwinkle/purple color! Will try to get some evening photos one of these days.

Here is what it looked like when they closed the pool last October. Closing it up saved major money on both having to clean it once reopened, which wasn't necessary, and running the filtration center all winter. It was just really unsightly.

Poor Andy, he just hated looking at it like this. We were originally going to open it in early May, but he had them come last week, still March! lol But, he is very happy and here's why - look at this gorgeous pool:

I'm not kidding when I say Andy can be found outside. Every time I turn around and can't find him, he's outside. Staring at the water, finding something to "do" as an excuse to go look at it. And I understand - the waterfalls are very soothing. I just feel bad that it will be a LONG time before anyone is swimming because the current temperature of the water is:

58 degrees. BRRRR! I don't really get in it until it is around 85 degrees! lol Maybe I will acquiesce to a colder temp this year, but not likely. It makes my back spasm when it is too cold. I'm curious how cold Andy will tolerate - will be interesting!

This pool has a computer system that monitors the air temperature, the water temperature, the salt concentration and more.

What we are trying to decide now is this: The landlords left the gazebo and bamboo bar items on the deck, but they are falling apart. If you look at the gazebo, you will see storms ripped up all the fabric on top, so now no shade! They told us we could tear it all down and put it out for the trash, and we are leaning towards that. We could purchase more fabric for the gazebo, but that would be $120 and then we would obviously have to leave it with the house. Is that the best investment for us with the condition of the bamboo? I'm thinking if we tear it all down, we could rearrange the deck, putting the table on the other side and maybe an outdoor living set on the other side. Or vice-versa. We could really have a nice outdoor living space.

And look at this pitiful bamboo bar!

Yep, it's time to go.

The owners have told us they miss the house and pool and will move back in when we move out, so thank goodness we got a 1 year lease with a 2nd year option. We asked if we could stay even longer than that, and they agreed. So maybe we can get 2 more summers out of this pool before we have to leave it.

In the summers, Andy walks in the door, changes clothes, kisses me hello and disappears outside until it is dark. lol I asked him if he had to choose, would he choose me or the pool, and he I'm happy for him, and the boys and I enjoy it as well. Some guys needs sport cars, horses, husband needs pool water. lol

Have a great day!

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