Sunday, April 8, 2012

House Building - Daytime Photos

Today was finally a sunny day and I was able to run over at lunch...


This is the special "area" I had them create for me for all my hair and beauty shower products....think it's large enough?  lol

Dining Room

The cabinet in the great room is my kitchen island......

We LOVE the paint colors....the first color they used was not right....this is Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige and it is PERFECT for what we have planned....."is it it taupe"?

The color in the formal dining room and master bedroom is Sherwin Williams Peppercorn.....and you should see it in person.  Stunning.

Lucky for me, our house is 5 minutes from one of our model home locations so when I work that area, I can run clients to our home.  Today, some clients came down from Kansas City and fell in love....I guess our styles are similar....they want to build our floor plan.  I thought they might...



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