Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Andrew is in town

Always the planner (not) lol, Holt asked us Sunday night if we could go get Andrew in Jonesboro Monday evening. It worked out, and I went with Andy for the 4 hour round trip. We meet Andrew and his father in Jonesboro - about half way between the two of us. He will be here most of the week, probably going home Saturday. Andrew and Holt were best buds when we lived in Arkansas.

Tonight, they requested a run to the movie store and I snapped this photo (being the irritating mom I can be. lol).

And finally, as Holt got ready to drive us home - this photo was before he noticed the camera, which is why he is smiling. The next photo is his "usual" smirk. lol

Holt has still been working most days, but does have off Thursday and Friday so they can have more time to do things. I'm guessing they will have some major pool time the next few days.

Tomorrow morning early, Holt has an orthodontist appointment AND he is begging for a haircut. Yay!!

Have a great day!


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