Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Barbie Hair

I was told today that I have "Barbie" hair - thought that was funny.  I do love my hair this style and wish I had the strength to do it more often.  It is accomplished by using a round brush in sections with the blow dryer.  No curling iron or hot rollers.  My hair has enough body and curl, I guess.

I am still in the "grow out" for the curly style coming up one of these days.  I'm loving it and hubby is over the moon - he LOVES my hair longer.  I am aware that I am 44 years old, and won't be growing it to my hips,  lol.  (Pointing that out in case anyone is worried about that!)  

Here is the Barbie photo:

September, 2010

I was looking through photos and my hair was so much shorter just a few months ago (this style flat-ironed straight with no curl shortening it:

April 28, 2010

And 8 months ago, a few months after I started the "Curly Girl" journey - how short my hair was with it naturally curly:

December, 2010
The length difference between the last two photos shows you HOW much my hair spirals up when curly, losing length.  Depending on the type of curl dictates how many inches you "lose".

Friends have thought me a little odd that I not only care what my husband thinks but also wear my hair to suit his preferences.  For us, this is a "give and take" - each doing these "easy" things to bring joy.  For example, he shaves on weekends because I prefer to kiss a smooth face.  (Most guys we know take the weekends off from shaving.)   I figure, I can't give him a voice like Whitney Houston or a back end like J Lo, so why not work with what I have?  Is that so "old-fashioned" or oppressive to women?

When we were first married, he commented on my hair all the time.  It took me a while to realize he really truly LOVES my hair.  When he would run his fingers through it spontaneously and then started brushing it as affection?  I realized then that this guy takes his wife's hair seriously!  In fact, it's been a standing "joke" in our house that if I ever come home with my hair chopped off in those new spiky styles, he will know I want a divorce.  lol   He does plenty of other quirky things that make ME happy.  Two peas in a pod, I'd say.

Also, he has told me he loves when I change my hair up - whether with color or style.  When I occasionally do go "curly", he loves it!  I was playing around with the mosaic maker at (free) and made this collage to show how much I've changed over the years.  Ha!

How fast does your hair grow?  Do you care what hair styles/colors your husband prefers and do you wear your hair to suit him?


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Cheri and I must admit, I have been bloging only for 4.5 months and I hadn't even thought of labels, perhaps I will correct that... Yes I do live with chronic pain, that is why i started blogging, so that I could get my mind off it. Been in several motor vehicle accidents, so I have myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia and now I have been diagnosed with Connective Tissue Disease, which is an autoimmune disease that is attacking my joints etc. They are in the process of figuring out whether it is Lupus or Sjogren but whatever it is, it is attacking my joints. I am sorry to see that you have had so many back surgeries... oh my gosh that is terrible, if you want to find some of my posts regarding the pain, come back to my blog and let me know and I will send you some links... It is always nice to connect with someone who gets it, you know what I mean.. It's nice that you stopped by and thank you for the info on labels... and I think you have lovely "barbie" hair... LOL



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