Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fun with Block and Fill Foundation

Slowly, slowly goes the is a photo from yesterday....

My client's house that was started the same week (mid-December) is already sheet rocking (in another neighborhood without the lot clearing issues....)

And it is getting "fancier".... I cannot believe I am actually typing this BUT EngineerHubby  is going to require he be at the block concrete "fill" with an infrared temperature gun to make sure the concrete goes to the bottom of the block.  It seems that concrete emits heat as it is poured, so this gun will allow my EngineerHubby to assure himself the concrete DOES go to the bottom of the block.   *insert crazy rolling eyes icon*  I'd bet no other builder would be entertaining such eccentricity...but for my employment... (This is more along the lines of "subcontract your own home and do what you want".....) Folks have asked if I'm getting a "gift" in my home since I work there (free upgrade somewhere for example)....well...I'd bet a million bucks my "gift" is their willingness to work with EngineerHubby and accommodate his special interests!  Ha!

Thermal Imaging

Fluke Website

Fluke Website

I SO do not want to be there when he tells the builder/my boss.  Holy moly.  As you can see, it is not ONLY lot issues that have slowed down this build!  Oh the fun things that can be borrowed from work.

19 yr old enjoyed testing out this gun with his dad....putting his hand on the wall, pulling it away and then "seeing" the heat signature in the gun.  Pointing the device at the dogs...their heads are the warmest with the brain activity.....

Here's hoping my boss doesn't get this info until AFTER our sales meeting this morning.....


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