Monday, March 30, 2009

Long Lost Son Returns Home

Holt, age 16, spent a week in our former town with friends for Spring Break. After a few days, they went to the grandfather's farm and spent the rest of the week. Nice and safe from good 'ole peer pressure! Apparently, our non-outdoorsy son really enjoys his time there - riding an old pickup on the property, going to the shooting range, getting a tummy full of Grandma's yummy meals.

One person very unhappy when Holt is gone is his dog, Sage. She is very attached to him and is a Nervous Nelly the entire time he is gone. Today was the first day he was going back to work and she wasn't happy. Everywhere he went, she was on his heels. Took this photo just before we left.

Even at 16, he has not yet gotten his driving permit and doesn't seem to be in any hurry. We wondered if going to see his friends who DO have their permits and some have licenses.....would this stir something in him? Apparently not. lol So strange, because our first-born was driving when he was 14 or 15, whenever it was legal in Iowa to get a school to home permit. With our current state, 16 year old drivers must have a permit for 6 months to then get their license. Or when they turn 17, they can just flat out get their license. I wonder if this is his plan. He just seems hesitant to drive and having that freedom is of no consequence to him. Works for us for now! No teenage insurance!! lol

Also, thought I'd show his new McDonald's uniform as well. They previously had red button up shirts that required ironing. These knit shirts are more comfy and no ironing required. His McDonald's provides 2 shirts and 2 pants. He can wear whatever shoes he wants.

In other news today, he also said he's ready for a haircut. YEAH!!! We'll get right on that! (Holt is the child you don't force to do anything, most things have to be HIS idea or you will pay

Oh, and we measured him when he came home, and has grown another 1/4 inch. He eats enough for 3 people but stays so trim. Takes after his mother - I wish!

Have a great day!


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