Monday, March 30, 2009

Ryan is 20!

You know, having kids young sounded so perfect UNTIL you are 42 years old with a 20 year old!! Wow! That is tough. I feel too young to have a child that age! lol (Now I know what my mom felt like when she was 42 and I got married at age 20!!)

2 weeks ago (his birthday is March 11th), he requested Olive Garden for his birthday lunch, and we decided to get him his own White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake for his birthday cake. That dessert is soooooo sweet, I couldn't eat any and Andy had one piece. I think Holt only had one. So Ryan got to enjoy that dessert for 2 weeks! (We froze half of it at first.) Have you ever had that dessert?

Imagine an entire cake! I think it had 12 slices, and was significantly cheaper than purchasing all those individual slices, thank goodness! Ryan was in heaven. lol

Here are some photos of that day:

There's Andy with his "mini-me". Ryan took a job at Andy's company and the other employees couldn't get over the resemblance. Don't know how thrilled Ryan was, considering the boss told him enthusiastically, "Wow, at least now you know what you will look like when you are older!" lol Andy is a Project Engineer at a replenishment center and Ryan was able to find a job packing order and running the fork lift. Decent pay, but not what he wants to do forever.

Ryan has also decided he's ready for college now and is planning to enroll locally for the Fall semester, and possibly the 2nd summer session. We are excited for him. He did attend college for one semester, but wasn't serious about it and lost his academic scholarship. Hard lesson learned, but now I think he's ready and will enjoy it. He has gotten a taste of what his options are if he does not pursue a college degree - best medicine in the world! We're very proud of how hard he has been working, and what a great job he is doing saving his money. Good job, Ryan!

Have a great day!

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