Friday, September 25, 2009

The New and Improved Ryan!!

Wow!!! That's what we say!!! Our 20.5 year old is certainly impressing us this year!! To start, he's lost 21 lbs, down to 154. Gotta get that body back in shape for the ladies!

School Update:

Pre-Pharmacy Major
Must maintain a 3.5 GPA to get into Pharmacy school

6 weeks of school taking 17 hours:

Calculus - 98 on the first test.

Biology - Highest grade in the class on first test (most of class failed) - 82.

Biology Lab - no grades yet.

Chemistry - Highest grade in class on first test - 86.

Chemistry Lab - current A in class.

Public Speaking - 94 on first speech.

Psychology - 94 on first test, 109 on second test. Average currently over 100 with all the extra credit he has accumulated. LOVES this class and is very surprised. Teacher is great.

Comments he's made/Things he's learned:

"Wow, I can really see the value of extra credit opportunities now that I have to carry an A average overall!"

"Ummm, I think I've got the "smart kid" label in my science classes, as many are coming to me with questions and seeking help. Who would have guessed that? " *chuckle*

"Wow, I really did not know studying made tests this easy!!! (Mother interjecting - He SERIOUSLY said this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)"

Golf Update:

He is on the school golf team and they will have their first practice meet next Monday. We're all hoping it doesn't rain - to much rain lately has cancelled other golf opportunities.

The transformation of Ryan from the gifted jock who did everything the easy way to the disciplined student...... a true joy to watch.

For those that don't know, this is Ryan's second attempt at college. First time around, he lost his full academic scholarship and made some choices no parent wants to watch their child go through. It was devastating but he had some growing up to do. The last year he has been working manual labor jobs full-time, saving all his money. He decided he did NOT want to do those jobs for the rest of his life. He's now back on track and doing amazing.

We moved to a new state and he came with us. That helped remove him from that group of friends and gave him a fresh start.

For parents whose children take a different path: You must not lose faith in your children. You must not give up. Even when your last nerve is gone, and you don't think you can cry one more tear..........have faith. That dream you had of your precious child and what he would become? It's not gone, perhaps just on hold. Keep dreaming of the greatness in his life so that it can come back. When we focus on the negative and the bad, we just get more of that. Hold your marriage together with every last bit of energy you can muster. Continue to pray for the good to return to their life and choices. A few years down the "wrong" path does not define a person. Choices in life are sometimes difficult, but always easier with the loving support of your family. Ryan is living proof.

Your child can come back to you. Praise God!


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