Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ryan's Golf Update

On Monday (yesterday), Ryan met up with the college golf coach and team for the first time and went to a practice meet. He went to school in the morning, but missed 2 classes with excused sports absences. He ran by those classes, got his work and grades, and hit the road down to the main campus, about 30 minutes away.

The team left around 1PM and Ryan got home after 9PM. I was going to get a picture of him, but that poor kid looked worn out.

The wonderful news is that he got the best score on his new team, shot a 75, and tied for first place in this meet. He had 5 birdies on the day, but had a few 3 putts as well. He had never played on this course before. For those of you that know Ryan, we got the a bit of the play by play, but I'm unable to reproduce that. lol

He was also glad they rode carts during the meet, because it's been a LONG time since he's walked a golf course. lol That's on his list of things to get conditioned on before the season starts up in the Spring.

He liked all the guys on the team, got a few phone numbers, and is playing golf this weekend with a few of them. Also, I believe their next practice meet is next week.

What a great first impression, Ryan!! Way to go!

In school news, he found out he made a 97 on the last Biology test! Awesome!

Have a great day!


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