Saturday, May 29, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Your Favorite Things

Kelly at Kelly's Korner Blog is holding another "Show Us Your Life - Your Favorite Things" this week.  I love this topic!  Visit her link for more entries.

After 23 years of marriage, I can honestly say that this year has been THE happiest year of all.  We have worked so hard and achieved almost miraculous results.  I just beam from ear to ear and pure joy is in my heart.  Imagine 23 years of prayer and having it all come true.  That is my life with my amazing husband.  Sometimes, even when things don't appear to be working and some days you wonder if it is even worth it, God can work what seems like miracles in your life.  He has in mine and I am the happiest 23 year married woman I know EVER.  I hope to share more details in a future post!!

This is our most recent picture and I wish we had centered the camera a bit better to get a full shot of Andy!  He's a great man, that's all I gotta say about that!  Love of my life!

My 2 boys, 21 and 17.5 - we've had some rough years but a mother's love never ceases.  I hope they know this and never forget.  As mother's, we love our kids no matter what.

Now, for the rest of this post, I have to share again my newest obsession.  These products are a MUST TRY.  If you want to take 10 years or more off your appearance, order the sample packs from Simply Divine Botanicals.  My own mother cannot get over how much younger/better I look in photos.  (We live 8 hours apart and I can't wait until she sees my skin in person!!)

I cannot remember now how I even heard of this company, but Barbara's products are beyond incredible.  I could go on and on and may.  lol  She recommends you order samples as she only accepts returns if something is wrong with the product.

Here is a link to the main sample pack:  Sample Set   Or order different things individually as samples - some are as inexpensive as $1.50!!  Here is a photo of many of the containers in my makeup area  (all the smaller white containers on the right)-

And whatever you do, you MUST try the seaweed products - Seaweed Sample Set

Let me tell you how incredible the seaweed products are - I was in the sun last weekend and got inadvertently burned on my forehead.  It was bright red and SHOULD have peeled.  It did not!  These products are so healing, filled with such pure ingredients, NO chemicals - my husband has just been almost speechless.  

My lines and wrinkles are almost entirely gone.  My skin GLOWS Truly radiant.  And if you read my blog, you know my life is full of stress right now.  lol  My skin should be showing that stress, but instead, I look like I've been on a 6 month vacation to a blissful place.

Some stand out products:

 Black Velvet  Fabulous Foaming Facial Cleanser.  You will not be able to find the word to perfectly describe the pure heaven your skin will feel like after using this product one time.  Velvet surely comes close.  Amazing.  Check out these ingredients!

INGREDIENTS: Unconditional Love & Gratitude, Organic Whole-leaf Aloe Vera, Oils of: Jojoba, Avocado, Coconut, Sea Buckthorn, Almond, Palm & Carrot. Papaya, Banana, Cocoa Tree extract, Outer Body Experience, Seaweed, MSM, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium. Essential oils of: Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, Helichrysum, Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Rosewood, Patchouli & Geranium.

INGREDIENTS: Unconditional Love and Gratitude, Bulgarian Rosewater, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Witch Hazel, Lemon Balm, Rose Petals, Calendula, Chamomile, Comfrey, Rosemary, Sage, Cranesbill, Lavender, Horse Chestnut, White Oak, MSM, Rooibos, Alkanet Root, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils of Rose Geranium, Myrrh, and Lavender.
I could go on and on.  Don't miss Barbara's first baby and favorite product, Creme de Rose Heavenly Facial Moisturizer.  I read her testimonial letters and started putting this cream on some eczema I've had over 5 years, on random pimples I get and other blemishes that don't go away easily and they are all disappearing!  Hubby is impressed.  

I am madly in love with her Skincredible Sandalwood Revitalizing Elixir.  This is actually a creme and the smell is just ........WOW!!  I use this on my rosacea, or should I say my FORMER rosacea and just whenever I desire additional moisturizer or just want to smell this amazing scent. 

Honestly, the product I think that has taken the most years off my complexion is probably the Honey I Shrunk the Pores - A Biologically Active Skin Polish with Fruit Enzymes.  You put this on for 15 minutes and then wash off.  It looks and smells like raspberry jam but wait until you see what it does to your skin!!

I ordered the Pure Rose Distillate and spray it on my face multiple times a day for hydration and the scent is so calming.   The Melon Medley  (with Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids) is unlike anything I've ever seen and does not cause breakouts.  It just soaks in your skin like nothing else you've ever used.  Light as can be!

Oh no!  I see she has a new product I haven't even tried, and she says it's her best product yet!!  Crossing my fingers she offers it in sample form.  lol    YES!!!  She has it in sample for $4.95!!  Baby Face Energized Oxygen Treatment -  here is what she says about it:

Product Description

So new it doesn't have a label but we couldn't wait to make it available to you as we believe it may be one of our best products yet!

Baby Face will be viable for ten plus years but must be kept refrigerated at all times!

Successfully used on: Wrinkles, Blemishes, Skin Viruses, Skin and Nail Fungus,Burns, Bruises, Discoloration
APPLICATION: Gently but deeply massage into skin that has been thoroughly cleansed and toned every other night or as desired. May be layered over any Simply Divine treatment or moisturizer.

INGREDIENTS: Unconditional Love and Gratitude, Organic Rose Hip seed oil, Organic Avocado oil, Organic Olive oil, Sea Buckthorn oil, Essential oils of: Lavender, Rose Geranium, Chamomile, Rose, Bergamot, Rosewood, Palmarosa and Vitamin E., Infused with Energized Oxygen for six weeks.

Gosh, I could go on and on.  Almost all these products come in the sample pack.  Now, I will point out - If you go to her sample page, not all her samples are listed there (individual products).  Be sure to check the main product pages to see if it comes in a sample size if it isn't listed on the official sample page. You don't want to miss out on trying these samples.

With my next order, I am going to add her Foam Pump Bottle for the Black Velvet Foaming Facial Cleanser - think I will use less product with each use.

I know her prices seem a tad high (my "top" price I have ever paid for anything else related to face if $10, so this took me a while to bite the bullet), but ladies - TRUST ME.  Take a look at that photo of me above.  I am 43, have grown children putting us through the wringer right now, have chronic pain, you don't even want to hear all the crud in my me, I shouldn't look that young and I didn't  just a few months ago.  I promise you!!

Request this for your birthday or another holiday or special occasion.  Save your pennies.   I've had other online friends order the sample pack and contact me incredibly excited by what these products are doing to their complexions.  I have no connection to this company, although I sure wish I did - I could use a discount.  lol  I just sincerely love these products and have to tell you all.   I am scrounging through my house finding all kinds of things to sell to fund these investments in my health, IMO.  I've been avoiding chemicals including sulfates and parabens for almost a year now, and these products have just been an answer to prayer, truly.

You will throw out EVERY other product you have ever purchased for your face after you try these.  And start with the samples!!

Have a glorious day!



  1. Congratulations on your 23 years! It's nice to see long term and happy marriages these days.

    What a terrific list!

    Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

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