Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Happy Day

When was the last time you looked at your spouse and just couldn't believe how lucky you are?  Today was another one of those days.  I tell you what, but something is going on here.  I just want to pinch myself most days.  How DID I get so lucky?

Today after an appointment, I was walking out the door when I looked up to see who was holding it - my husband!  He had totally surprised me having left work a tad bit early to greet me. What a surprise!  Holt was with me and just rolled his eyes.  Just what he wanted - kissing and hugging parents.  In PUBLIC!  Gasp! 

Just a moment ago, I was reading a new favorite blog and ran across this new series starting next week with Courtney at Women Living Well.  

This fits perfectly with my goals of late - truly striving to make my husband happier than he's ever been.  Or doing my best trying!

I got to thinking the other day, how was I doing in the area of being an encouraging wife?  Years ago, I remember a friend sharing that her husband told her he dreaded coming home each day.  

I took a mental inventory and imagined what it was like for my husband:  what state was the house in?  Was I frazzled and busy or happy to see him?  Did I regularly stop what I was doing to greet him with a kiss and hug?  If I were gone all day, how would I want to be greeted?

With so much to do in our daily lives, do we take time to make the arrival of our spouse something special each day?  Isn't it sad if the pets are happier to see our spouses than we are? 

And what about supporting him in his ideas/dreams/goals?  Could we do a better job?

I vowed to greet my husband with an encouraging word and retire at night with encouraging/complimentary words and many times in between.  At first I worried it would seem like "too much" or contrived, but let me tell you, his reaction was so striking.  His chest swelled, he walked a little taller, he smiled broader when he would see me......and why I ever thought it would be tough I have no idea!

I also watched my reactions when he shared ideas or thoughts and a doozy happened just this last weekend.  As I talked with him through the subject he brought up, I tread lightly, just praying that I was coming across in a positive way.  He sent me a text from work  Tuesday morning to share with me how much my chatting with him had not only meant to him, but helped clear his mind and put him at ease with the situation that had him stumped.  I was tickled to get that.  I guess this encouraging business can go two ways!!  

Anyhoo,  I decided to ask hubby how I was doing and to request he be as honest as possible.  (Ha!  What a slippery slope for most men, huh!  Do we really want a truthful answer?  lol)   I asked him to rate me on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best - How was I doing in the "encouraging wife" department?  He looked at me incredulously with a sincere smile and gave me a '10'!     I was NOT expecting that answer!  Considering the turmoil we've had in our general life otherwise,  I really thought I was just doing "ok".  Rather than simply being informative, his answer really encouraged me.  And we had the biggest smiles the rest of the day.  This just made me even more motivated than before! 

Do you know what your husband would rate you in your abilities as an Encouraging Wife?  Would you be willing to ask?  Here's to doing all we can to make our husbands lives amazing, thanking them for all their hard work and dedication.  I cannot wait for this new series to start next week - I look forward to the blessings it will bring!

Have a glorious day!


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  1. LOVE THIS!!! Thank you for sharing that link...I started reading through her Proverbs 31 series...wonderful! I will definitely be doing the challenge...blessings friend!:)


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