Monday, September 20, 2010

Today's Chronic Pain Funny

No surprise, my pain is jacked up to high levels.  And normally this is fine unless I have appointments. and this week I have the dentist tomorrow and an Asperger specialist on Wednesday.  Not good.

So I call the dentist to cancel, hoping to reschedule.  She has nothing until November, so I keep my 3pm appointment tomorrow.   I mention my "back to back" appointments and pain levels.

Later today, she called with a morning cancellation.  Now, she knows I can't do morning appointments (takes until at least 1 pm to get my pain-wracked body moving.  A 1pm appointment is early for me, lol.)   

I tell her I'd rather keep my current 3pm appointment but thanks for calling.  She says, "Well I knew you have back to back appointments."  

OH my, little does she know I meant back to back DAYS, not the same day.   Ha! 


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