Saturday, October 29, 2011

Race For the Cure 2011

Today was a big day.....that started at 6:30am....and that was when we LEFT the house, which meant on a SATURDAY we were up at 5:30.  AM.  Yes, my friends, you read that right.  We.   :)

It was 40 degrees at our destination...and we met up with Andy's coworkers, as his company had paid everyone's entrance fee.

We had to go so early to get decent parking, but the race didn't actually start until 8am.  We had 2 choices....1K or said let's go for it.  Last year, Andy did the 1K by himself (I was still reclined and unable to do such things....)..

Layers are your friend!

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of was a shock to all of us.  She was very lucky....had surgery but did not need chemotherapy or radiation.  26 years later, she is still cancer-free!  Praise God!  We walked today in celebration of her life and for all breast cancer survivors!

We had a great time...even if we were freezing.  Afterwards, we checked out the appliance vendor for upgrading the new house...along with other errands.  Fun day!

Did you participate in the race in your area?


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  1. Congrats on participating in the Race and great news about your Mom. :)


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