Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ever Wonder How To Type Characters?

I ran across this today and found it very helpful.  It is a chart to many "characters" that are able to be typed if you know the sequence.

Ever see someone type I Andy.  How do they make that heart?

Or Jane Smith, Realtor ®  How do you create that R with the circle?

 Check this out:

Go To Tutorial for Characters

This does not work for Mac users.  To use characters with a Mac,

Click Apple Icon in upper Left corner
Click System Preferences
Click Input Sources
Choose "Show Character Palette




  1. I've always wondered how to get a heart in my blog posts - thanks for sharing this chart with us. :)

  2. Another excellent tip from my very fastidious friend! I actually have always wondered how certain characters got into other people's posts. Thanks for sharing it!

    BTW... Congrats on getting back into the real estate field. That's just awesome! I know you'll take 'em by storm! Watch out... Cheri's back!! ;~)



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