Wednesday, March 28, 2012

House Building - Exterior

We have been so goodness.....I'm falling back on taking photos and need to get back on the stick.  EngineerHubby surprised me with the iron door inserts I "gave up" to get the granite I wanted and ordered them anyway behind my back.  I need to get a better photo of them because they are STUNNING!! So many compliments already.

Have no idea why this photo looks such a different color...guess it is the minute the home looks more gray, the next ....tan.

The door inserts are called Wyngate by Western Reflections.  Best of all?  They are private...folks cannot see in!  I got the inserts on 2 doors...nothing above and no side lights...but gorgeous nonetheless.

In other new, sheet rock is done, painting went up but the wrong shade so that is being corrected...and my special ordered mantle is in....GORGEOUS!    I heard cabinets are coming in this week...tiling up soon...trim is going in as we speak......

And best of all, I met the gal I sold a house to over the phone...they've come to town and love everything...what a relief!  I have sold a house over the phone via photos one other time and while my attention detail and zillion photos make it happen, it is still worrisome until the client arrives and LOVES it.  Relief!


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