Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hungry For A Change?

Are you tired?  Sluggish?  Moody? Cranky?  Achy?  Sleep all night but never feel rested? Skin sallow?  Wrinkles?  Acne?  Hair lifeless?

Guess what....this isn't a post about the latest "MLM - multi level marketing product you must have....don't get me started on those...."
I haven't had time to talk much about it on here, but I have been back on

for months.  I got to looking back at photos when I looked SO much younger, much less wrinkles, healthy vibrant skin and I remembered - that was when I was on Green Smoothies!

So I got back on them and it has been amazing, just like last time.  I basically drink a large ( and I mean LARGE) green smoothie in the morning and evening, and eat what I want for lunch.  Literally.

A coworker has now started Green Smoothies and she is doing great too.  I believe this trailer and this movie is going to help explain WHY are bodies are fat, tired, can do something about it, but it starts with getting OFF anything with ASPARTAME  (Equal, Nutrasweet....) ASAP (with I knew how to put a red circle with an X through it for DANGER...)....I got off Aspartame a few months after first ingesting it when I realized the cause of my short term memory loss and massive headaches that had a sudden onset started around the time I started putting Equal in my tea....and folks, this was in the 90's!!!  (I've talked about our food diary experiences....and it trains you to pay attention to what you just ate/drank to connect to what is going on in your life negatively.)

Finally, we must all wean off sugar...I'm not there yet but have seriously decreased my consumption.  Strangely enough, drinking pure nutrition (greens, vegetables and some fruit - NOT the next multi level marketing "product" for health.....)...actually curbs many is awesome how it works.

If I can do it, you can do it!


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  1. Thanks! This is just what I need. Off to Wal-Mart for the supplies and a good blender!


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