Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dinner with the Boys

Went to dinner with the boys tonight, a rarity nowadays. Drove around the area looking at tornado damage - just had another MAJOR storm blow through Thursday afternoon/evening, with many tornadoes. Ryan and I spent time together in the bathroom shower and Andy was stuck at work!! Not fun.

So much going on lately - Andy was in the hospital for a massive headache with tons of tests run. Good news - his brain is still there. Bad news? Exertion headache, similar to a migraine. It was BAD.

Super quick, unplanned trip to Dallas to attend a reunion of my buddies from high school - so much fun!! So glad we made it.

Andy's folks were here visiting last weekend - so good to see them on their first car trip in a long time!

I've had increased pain and just trying to hunker down and get it back under control. I'm not able to get in the pool every day like I did last summer due to cooler temps and tons of rain. Water is just too cool and would cause muscle spasms for me. Wishing for sunshine and 100 degree weather to warm up the pool water!

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