Wednesday, September 23, 2009

$24 Beautiful Custom Curtains

Do you ever feel something is wrong in a room and wonder just what? Well to me, this room needed some more "weight" on the wall with the window. Along with needing some artwork to hang on the wall down the road, it needed some curtains. But curtains with "weight". I did this using a darker color and making sure they reached the floor. I felt like a simple valance would not give me the "weight" I desired.

I first saw this fabric at Hancock Fabrics back in the discount section, but it was still $12 a yard. While I loved the lightweight silky blend with beautiful embroidered stars in the perfect blue/green shade, it was NOT in my budget. So I kept an eye on it, checking the store every so often. Sure enough, one day the fabric was on sale for $6 a yard!!

So $18 later - yes, you read that right!! 3 yards at $6 - $18!!! I already had the cup hooks from my former window mistreatment, and the rings I found at Tuesday Morning for $3.99.

$18 - Fabric
$4 - Rings
$2 - Cup Hooks

Here is what the window looked like before:

We are renting this home and it was already painted this blue color. I had the brown bedding and it made it simple to keep the palette 2 colors.

Also since we are renting, we didn't want to invest in a regular curtain rod, make those holes and marks in the wall. With this method, there are 6 little holes in the wall now, which we can easily spackle when we move.

I took the 3 yards, cut it in half, and each half on each side. I hemmed down the edges with Stitch Witchery - all you need is your iron. (If you have never played with Stitch Witchery, go get some!! I found it on sale for $1. It comes in regular and heavy weight.) It honestly took me just over 1 hour at the ironing board to get these curtains "hemmed" and ready to hang.

Curtain rings in above photo are from Wal-mart.

Hubs came home and had it hung in under 30 minutes. He is an engineer, and everything has to be spaced "just right" that takes a little longer, but I love his perfection issues! lol

Here is a view of the other side of the room:

For step by step instructions on exactly how to make this curtain, click HERE.

Really, it is SO simple and you do not need any sewing skills. If you have an iron and a measuring tape, you will be set!

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  1. Big difference! Curtains are so hard to do on a tight budget and you did a nice job. I hope you come visit my blog. Thanks!

  2. Good job. Curtains can be so expensive. I feel like I have learned so much in the last few years, I am ashamed at the price I paid for my family room drapes. Yikes! Great makeover!

  3. Looks fab. Great idea. And A great touch of pizazz

  4. That is a great look and so quick to do! Very good for people that like to change up things every season!

  5. I love your choice of fabric - and to make the curtains yourself! That's fantastic! They turned out so charming - great work.

  6. Oh those are so great! And that material is beautiful!

  7. cute! you know i have ZERO curtains in my house. maybe i should try this. plus, what a deal!

  8. Wow! Thanks so much for looks great!



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