Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Had to share this

You know how sometimes you are just living your life, toodling along browsing on the Internet perhaps, and you run across something that stops you in your tracks?  Just out of nowhere, a message from God that just grabs you and won't let you go?  That just happened to me a moment ago and little did I know I'd be crying tonight.  This promo video for the book "Plan B - What To Do When God Doesn't Show Up The Way You Thought He Would" by Pete Wilson, pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN.

What do you do when life doesn't go as you planned, when your dreams didn't become a reality, when things happen in your life that you never in a million years thought you'd experience.?  Some of us have one small thing, but it is making a huge impact.  Others of us are struggling with a reality that is so far removed from what we ever thought was "fair" yet won't go away, won't change, it just "is".  Others of us are so slammed by so shattered dreams collapsing in our life some days we don't know we hang in there anymore.

But I will share that if we keep our eyes focused on Him, on God.  HE will never leave us.  I personally believe that for every struggle I am given, there is a lesson to learn (and I know this upsets some folks, but it is honestly my feelings on the subject, no offense to anyone.)  With what I have gone through and continue to go through as a child of God, as a wife, as a mother....I have grown as a person.  I wish I could have skipped some of these heart-breaking experiences, but I do believe God doesn't give us more than we can handle.  Sometimes this feels like a cruel joke and I want to yell 'OK, God, ENOUGH already".  But I don't have to.  He knows my heart, He knows my pain.  And His arms hold me even when I don't think anyone understands.   I can honesty say that without my faith, I don't know how I would have made it the last 5+ years.  My heart is burdened for the lost, for those who have no faith to sustain them.

This promo video touched me deeply.  I hope it does you too.

PlanB Promo from Cross Point Church on Vimeo.

Have a glorious day!


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