Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Unplanned Appendicitis and Surgery!

Ugh!! I was admitted today with "smoldering" early appendicitis and will have surgery in the morning to have my appendix removed.

As of right now, Andy has declined to put me out to pasture and put me out of my misery, lol. For those aware of my medical history, this is just almost unbelievable. But like always, I will do fine and come out kicking. Just so unbelievable. I was hoping it was gas or constipation. Ha!!

Note to readers: Do not ignore right lower pelvic pain. Even though my doc was skeptical since I was smiling and joking AS USUAL (I have an almost unmatched pain tolerance that freaks medical professionals), he KNOWS me and wanted to be safe. Sho' nuff, the CT scan showed appendicitis even though my bloodwork was clear. Of course. If something is almost medically impossible, then I will get it!!! Ask all my docs in 4 states with new facilities thanks to patients like me! HA!!!

Andy is amazing, telling me this is so much less scary than my 12-day hospitalization for acute pancreatitis (twice) and gallbladder surgery in 12/08. That trip included many hills and valleys that almost left him a widower thanks to substandard care. Don't ever fear dialing the "if you feel you are being medically mistreated" number on the bulletin board in the hospital room. Saved my life!!!! And then months of therapy helped with the post traumatic stress disorder-PTSD (seriously), but I digress! Lol

After 6 IV attempts, the needle guru was called in and he saved me, enabling my first pain dose 7 hours after admittance. Yes. NOT fun.

At this point, my best friend suggested asking the doc to take out any and everything I might not need in the future. Lol. Probably a smart idea if it were possible. Lol

I will now try to sleep although my neighbor is yelling "Help Me" over and over now for 3 hours. Sadly, she has dementia but is fine. This will just be our reality tonight. I have my sleep mask and ear plugs, so hopefully that will help!

Thanks for any thoughts and prayers!

P.S. Post entered at 12:45am. Surgery is Wednesday morning. Ima night owl, even in the hospital. LOVE my iPhone!!



  1. Best wishes for a quick recovery!

  2. Oh Cheri my friend never a dull moment for you. lol. I am just getting this post wed at 10:45 am. My heart and prayers are with you, I know this will go smooth and with a fast recovery..I love your scence of humor.

  3. Oh my, bless your heart!!! I am not sure what time your surgery is, but I will pray for a quick are so funny, I was laughing throughout this entire post!!! You truly have joy in the midst of pain and drama!!:) Hag in there...


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