Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day at Work

Just wanted to check in and report that my first day at work went GREAT!  I worked with the other employee today for training and to get ready for a big day tomorrow - a Realtor open house on 3 of the new houses.  I kept busy all day....making packets, creating and redoing brochures and flyers - one of my gifts.  (When I was in real estate, I had a partner, Amy,  and I was in charge of all buyers and marketing/advertising. I LOVE creating ads/flyers/brochures on the computer.  Amy handled the sellers, the listing details and taking deals to closing.  PERFECT arrangement - we both focused on our "gifts").

Graur Codrin

Anyhoo.....I worked 9 to 6....after 6 years reclined, that was quite the day.  (On regular days in the future, when I am the only employee for the day, I will have "down time" when customers aren't visiting...but not this week.)  Non-stop activity.  I'm beat!  I tried to take it easier this last weekend knowing I had these 2 days back to back, but didn't really.  Not surprised.  lol

Hired to be a hostess (although licensed real estate agent in another state, inactive status) around 2 days a week, I learned today they DO hope I transition into sales.....we shall see.  That would involve working most weekends..the only 2 days Andy has off.   Just not sure how I feel about that.  I have to time to evaluate that, for sure.

New boss paid me a compliment....he said "You are a racehorse being asked to give the kiddie rides at the park".  Thought that was nice!

My phone rang around was Holt.

"Where are you?"


"When do you get off?"



I can name 2 boys who are in a little shock their mother no longer reclines in the living room.  lol  (Although on that front, Ryan has a 2nd interview for a warehouse job tomorrow.  Crossing fingers!!)

I came home, started dinner and then assigned a child to finish it, jumped in the shower, donned my yoga pants, t-shirt and removed makeup and hit the recliner.  I don't plan to move until I go to bed.  If I can walk.  LOL

I am glad tomorrow is my last day this week....I suspect I will be recouping on Wednesday.  lol

Was wondering how Andy would feel coming home for the first time in years to not having me there.  He coped by not coming home until after I was there.  Worked late, got a haircut.....   HA!

How was your day?


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