Friday, March 16, 2012

Custom Lighting Question

If I needed THESE custom lights made for me, where would I start?

I fell in love with this photo and have to have these lights for my kitchen, or something very similar.  Even the color is PERFECT.

Modern Loft Dining & Kitchen Areas modern dining room

Our new house is going to have similar colors....walnut brown, grays, cream and this tobacco/caramel color......

Any ideas??  We live in the MidSouth, but have access to Dallas, Little Rock, and surrounding areas.



  1. I asked Matt about it, and he's going to sketch something for you. He said it looked like you could use luan plywood and put the light sockets in there, then make a frame and use some kind of thin fabric in the correct color, gathered a little bit for the shade.

    I'll send it to you when he's finished. :)

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