Saturday, March 31, 2012

House Building - Secret Doors

What a great surprise I got this week!  Early on as we were deciding what to add to the home, I wanted gorgeous iron window inserts that had a strong degree of privacy, versus the standard 2/3 window option door that is standard.  I like to be able to "pretend I'm not home" and if the person at the door is staring straight at you, well.....that wasn't going to work.

But then the cost of these door inserts made me go "ACK!"

When it came down to my beautiful granite and how badly I wanted it, I gave up my iron doors....and just thought I'd do something different later.

Well, behind my back EngineerHubby had my boss order these doors anyway and surprise me.  They are stunning!   Neighbors have already stopped and commented on them....

In this photo, the doors will be painted Sherwin Williams Black Fox, which is a dark charcoal gray, along with the shutters.  Dirt is going to be hauled in to level this house (it is much higher than normal due to having to switch to a "block and fill" foundation"....I just love the doors!!

On the painting front, the main color we picked for most walls different in a significant way when using the builder's paint....bases were different, etc.  It was a little dark.  It is being changed now to Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige and I think it will be a perfect choice.  Might look gray...might look taupe depending on the lighting...just what I wanted.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn has gone in the formal dining room and master bedroom and it is so striking....

Inspiration Photo - Pulp Design Studios
Source: via Cheri on Pinterest

One of the site supervisors/head honchos at our company loved my choice so much he took photos and sent it to his wife...I think we will get many nights of restful sleep in that room!



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