Wednesday, April 11, 2012

House Building - Booking Granite

The time is get the "so pretty I'm gonna lay down and cry on it"  Yellow River granite installed......stone fabricator called and said when folks pick granite with a lot of movement, they must come in and decide where any "hard" cuts will end up...the fabricator won't be personally responsible.

I understand and was hoping there would be a way to avoid the "river" just abruptly stopping somewhere.

We may have accomplished that but it isn't because I understand it!

Yellow River Granite

Yellow River Granite
These 2 slabs match exactly...the other 2 were out to be viewed but in a much darker setting so I was unable to get any photos of those 2 (they are the ones that mirror each other - they were honed front and back.)

EngineerHubby and I went yesterday afternoon and it was complicated.  We have 4 slabs to make things easier BUT only 2 match exactly and the other 2 are mirrors of each other.  In one area where the main seam will be, we decided to try to get OUT of the river movement to help it blend as lining it up perfectly won't be happening.  (Our granite is shallower than most and won't allow for one long L-shaped designed to be cut.

So.....I thought I'd be more help or opinionated than I was able to be because honestly, my brain does not contort in ways needed to stare at a flat piece of stone, imagine a backsplash upside down and mirrored.....folks...just couldn't do it.

Example of Booked Yellow River Granite

My easiest choice was the island....nothing abuts it, no backsplash needed to match

That's why my EngineerHubby's drafting brain comes in handy.  They talked and talked and talked and finally, I pulled out my notebook and pen and requested a drawing of exactly what they were saying...some of my granite will line up exactly and go in the same direction.  Other areas will line up exactly but be mirrored......

So, let's just say that on April 12th during installation, I will be one of the most surprised when I see it.  lol  I can't wait, though!



  1. Great post...lovely slabs. Granite is great for your countertops!


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