Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Thoughts and Beliefs Affect Our Health

Ran across an article today that is so important to read and fully take in.  What we think affects our health.  What we believe, becomes real.  I've always known this and fully believe this (and am evidence of changing my thoughts and my pain lifting last working full-time after 6 years fully reclined with severe nerve damage down both legs....Story HERE.)


But this author (Donna Gates) has advice:

Start noticing new things!!  As we do this, we let go of what we think we know.

Get into a state of wonder!

A doctors visit or that lab result is just a snapshot at that moment.

Do you ever notice your stress or pain is higher when you dwell on the problems in your life? Have you ignored problems in your life so long your body is now trying to get your attention with pain or issues?  Mine sure did.

Read this article:

You can do this!!  You really can.....


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  1. Great wisdom there...I need to be a little more in tune with myself, the old saying if momma aint happy aint nobody happy. Thank you for the wisdom.


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