Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Promo Codes - How and Why to Use

It all started when I got tired of worrying if my favorite black pants were clean and ready to wear.  That answer was almost always "NO" because I only had one pair AND I loved them so was always wearing them.  Sigh....

Having searched far and wide previously with no luck, I admit I didn't have much hope.  However, today was different.  I found 3 other pairs in my size!  Don't you love when that happens?!!

When the sales total was $109, I thought....Really?  Should I do this?? (and then I remembered I sold 2 houses yesterday with 2 more probably writing this week and I reminded myself....what black pants will I wear if I don't buy these?????)

And THEN......I remembered..........
Cheri, go find a promo code!!!!!!

I immediately opened up a separate window (leaving my shopping cart open in another) and typed in:

"Name of store" and then "promo code". 

Quite a few results pulled up, so I looked for the one that had the highest reported success rate AND had the most RECENT successful use.  The best one said:

$15 off for every $50 spent and free shipping. 

I went back to my online purchase and in the promo code/coupon box, typed the code the other side told me to...and voila'!   My total was $109...now it was $79.

Do you remember to search promo codes when you shop online?  Have you had success?  BTW, I went back to the RetailMeNot page and entered my experience anonymously...so now it says that code was successfully used 30 minutes ago!  lol

And best of all, I don't have to go out and actually shop!  Woo Hoo!!


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  1. Just wanted to stop by to say Hello. I might not comment regularly but I do read your post. Stay Cool! Thanks for the tip!


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