Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wall Decor!

We finally found some things we love......after much hemming and hawing back and forth, one night EngineerHubby snuck off to purchase these items.  It was just difficult for me and he finally pulled the trigger.

Drexel Heritage Mirror

Hooker Cabinet

Drexel Heritage Mirror



  1. Hmmm .... looking for a motif, a recurring theme, in the decor .... hmmmmmmmm ....


    1. Oh! Yep,,,,,that would be true. When I buy things, I put them where I find spots......and when I'm done buying accessories, i "stage" the house. It is unlikely all 3 of those will stay in our home, let alone in that larger great room/foyer. I keep tags on for a few weeks while I "try on" the things I buy, because as we all know...if you don't purchase that item when you see it, it won't be there when you go back. I passed up those chess piece horse heads on the tv console for over a month...and every time I saw one, it would be gone that day. Finally brought the 3 home (2 different styles) to try out. Falling in love with that horse print on the wall was completely unrelated. lol One thing is for sure ---- my husband's love os horses from childhood is showing up in our decor. lol


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