Friday, November 9, 2012

Sick For 3 Days and News To Me?

Am I just the only weird one.....anyone else ever find out they've been sick AFTER they get better and notice the difference?  This reminds me of the time I was super tired.....worn out......but NOT sick......then I fainted, had to go to the ER and voila'  - found out I had BOTH strains of the flue at the same time!!!  And had no idea.

This week, I've been super tired.  Again.  2 days ago, I was at work with a massive headache, got nauseated and quickly ran outside to get fresh air and help it pass. didn't work.  If my boss happens to check the security footage, he will see what happened in the front landscaping quite suddenly.  Good news - only liquid since I hadn't been hungry.  Eeewww.

Straight to bed that night, tired all day at work yesterday - one of those "struggle to stay awake" days.......  Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up feeling like ME.  And now I'm up before the birds getting my quiet time prior to work.  So NOW I know......shoot, I was SICK!  Other people take time off work...hope I wasn't contagious!  (Another 20 year old reported the same symptoms as me....headache, nausea....and I thought..."uh oh......have I been kissing on EngineerHubby?)

I, well make that WE do not want EngineerHubby sick.  No we do not!

So, instead of bragging I am never sick, the truth is...I don't KNOW I'm sick.  LOL  (Even when I vomit, I convince myself it is a food reaction.....)

Anyone else skip knowing they are sick until after it's over?


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  1. I have the same situation due to my fibro. I always have flu like symptoms so I tend to ignore them which is not good. Last year I had two bouts with pneumonia that got totally out of hand because I didn't get to the doctor quick enough.
    I am glad you are feeling better.


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