Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Wow, really love the latest blog post at is Integrity.

And I LOVE this phrase:

The power of your word is in direct proportion to your self awareness.

I strongly believe that the ONLY thing we have that someone cannot take away, cannot our WORD.  If our word isn't "gold"...then what DO we have?

This is powerful.....

How do you feel about integrity... your "word"?  



  1. Very powerful and of the utmost importance! Our integrity and words show the world who we really are, at the very core of our being. Our heart is shown by our spoken words and through the things we do. The Bible teaches us to guard our hearts and also to mind our tongues...the the tongue is as sharp as a two edged sword.

    Beautiful post to remind us to be ever mindful...
    Integrity is is our testimony...shows others who we are. It doesn't matter what someone looks like on the outside, so shallow to think that matters most, true beauty comes from within and is defined by integrity and kindness, our spoken word. Words, no one can take away from us and we cannot take them back.


  2. What I say is very important. My husband gets upset with me when I won't give a definitive answer. I refuse to give a definitive yes or no unless I know I am committed to it. I feel dishonest otherwise. I don't like to make promises. It sounds bad, I know. I don't like to be forced into something and then not go through with it. I feel that basically if you say something you have to live up to it. There are no promises or I swears. Just the fact that you say something should mean you are good for it.

    With my kids I won't immediately give a "punishment" when they do something wrong. I don't want to not follow through. It drives me crazy that my husband does that. He'll say no computer for a month. Then a day or two later he's letting them on. One, for a month is way overboard. He always does over the top stuff like that and takes it back. It would be horrible to deal with a lengthy thing like that. But to take something back is even worse. How can someone respect you or trust you?

    I also like the quote "never say never". Good advice. You don't know what is going to happen. You learn, you grow, there are consequences to actions.

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