Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guess who got a new haircut!

Yes, Sweety did. She is pure-bred Pekingese with a rare coloring - black with white on her breast and a white stripe under tail. She looks like a skunk if you see her from behind. lol Pekingese are normally very long-haired dogs, hair to the floor, but after we adopted her, we learned that the Pekingese is one of THE top shedding dogs of all time. Swiffering every day gives us enough hair to make a birds nest. lol

We let her grow it out in the winter for warmth, but in the summer, we go shorter. Because she has basically no nose, lol, this breed has a lot of trouble regulating their temperature. And being black, she soaks up a LOT of sun when she is outside. We have to watch to make sure she does not get overheated. Dogs with proper noses can regulate their temps much easier.

I think this was my favorite haircut on her - kept the "lion" look going on in the front, but shorter in the back. We are struggling to find a decent dog groomer over here.

This "faked" her out - she thought she had "all that" going on hair-wise, but really not. lol

Wasn't she cute as a puppy? Maybe only a "cute" a momma could love?

This shows her "skunk" tail. Holt was so little! We got her in 2003.

She was supposed to be a lap dog, but that didn't work out so well. She has quite a high opinion of herself, and acts more like a cat. Reading up on Pekingese, it explains her personality to a "t". These dogs were royalty in their early years, and Sweety still remembers that. lol

Being a pedigree dog, we were worried about any health problems, and so far, she only has luxating patellas, which can be painful. If it snows and she is out in it, her leg can "freeze" up and we have to go get her and rub it until the patella (knee cap) moves back in place. She may need surgery down the road, but we keep it under control by not letting her jump on any furniture (up or down), and keeping her off stairs. This protects her back and her knees.

But I was just happy to get another female in the house. As you can see, prior to the dogs, I was it. THE only female. Lots of testosterone around here. Now both our dogs are girls and I'm happy!

Have a great day!

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