Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Family, do you know what this is??????????

No, he wasn't arrested. lol (I blocked out all the pertinent information with yellow post it scraps.) Holt got his learner's permit!!! Can you believe it?? He came down late last night asking if we could do it today. Because he's homeschooled, it required both Andy and I going to the bank to get forms notarized, which we did at lunch. I took him afterwards and he passed! Not so funny for him was the clerk - she really pulled a good one on him. He came out smiling and she was not. She said "you did not pass" and Holt was like "Huh? It said Congratulations and to come talk to you" and this clerk just kept the straightest face and said "well, I guess you lost it on the last question" and on and on. Finally, I told Holt she was playing with him. He was so relieved and she was chuckling. lol

He drove us home, which was quite a distance on busy streets and did amazing. I've been talking to him for months as I drive, what to look out for, etc. and I guess he paid attention. As we neared home, it was school pick up time, and a policeman got right behind him and followed him into our subdivision! lol He was so nervous. But he held it together and the cop turned the next street we passed. Was Holt relieved, let me tell you!!

Anyway, happy news at our house. He can now get his full driver's license when he turns 17 in August. State law here requires the person to drive on the learner's permit for 6 months or until they turn 17. The lady helping us said he was lucky to have come in now. In July, the rules change - the new drivers must have the learner's permit for a YEAR and the age of 17 doesn't matter. Still must have learner's permit for a year. Phew - just missed that!

And much to Holt's dismay, our state does NOT have any home to work hardship licenses, so he cannot drive to work on his own. Must have a licensed adult 21 years or older in the car, so even Ryan doesn't count.

I'm in shock - are you? lol Just didn't know when that boy was gonna get this. Not too many 16.5 year old boys who don't care. lol Ryan was driving at 14, as early as that state let him. One thing you have to admire about Holt - he's never been in any hurry to grow up. Maybe Granny got through to him with her favorite saying "Every dog has his day". :)

P.S. For the 2nd time in 2 weeks, I was asked if I knew I look just like Cybill Shepherd. How weird is that!! Here's a photo I took today - just not sure myself. lol I got a new license myself today because I just do not look like I did in June and I will NOT be showing that photo. Amazing what losing 30 lbs will do to you (and going blonde), huh? lol

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  1. well yes you do.. You know she used to be a model.... so that is a compliment.. lol. Mishelle


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