Saturday, May 16, 2009

How Safe is Your Community?

During the time we lost our 4 babies to miscarriage (their story), we were stunned to learn that our community had a high levels of chemicals known to be Reproductive Toxicants being emitted by a company just down the street from our house. Was it related? We'll never know.

This helped in our decision to later move out in the country, far away from any industry. (It was a rural town of 13,000, a retirement destination, beautiful lakes, idyllic location. No smoke stacks, no obvious pollution.)

Pollution in Your Community
Get an in-depth pollution report for your county, covering air, water, chemicals, and more.

Click Here - ScoreCard

Check your community - type in your zip code and see what companies are responsible for the majority of the pollution where you live. By clicking on the company, you will see the chemicals being emitted. By clicking on the chemicals, you will see what hazards they are known to cause.

Wow, I just clicked on a link taking me to what companies are releasing the most Developmental Toxicants to air in the US. In other words, the most chemicals known to cause birth defects. Check this out: Here

Does this matter to you? Would you move or live somewhere else if you found high levels of certain chemicals being emitted in your town? Have you had any experience with pollution in your community?

Interestingly, I just checked our new town, where we moved almost a year ago. We have since been told that we don't live in the preferred community - the one where it is mostly residential, more like a bedroom community. You know how people get that way, whether it be personal opinion, snooty tooty behavior, whatever. lol However, just tonight I have learned that this preferred community has 8 major companies emitting serious pollution, where our town? None. How ironic! This will definitely impact any future moves.

Information is power!

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