Saturday, October 17, 2009

Can't decide if you will get the H1N1 flu vaccine for you or your child?

Many people have great concerns over this vaccine. The US instituted the PREP Act (click HERE for info). This means that this vaccine has been Fast-tracked, and the following are in play:

Immunity from Liability - none of the 5 vaccine manufacturers can be sued for any reason except for willful misconduct. Why?

This vaccine is uninsurable. Why?

Untested and previously unused ingredients can be used in a Fast-tracked vaccine. Why?

News media and some doctors are now stating that if the H1N1 swine flu virus had shown up sooner, this flu strain would have been included in the regular, every day seasonal flu vaccine. OK, well if that is true, then why the above? Why the immunity from prosecution?

I'm sure you know by know that Thimerosal/mercury came under scrutiny and was removed from almost all childhood vaccines. According to Robert F. Kennedy in the videos below, one flu shot contains 60% of the mercury that used to be in those childhood vaccinations. ONE shot.

If you are concerned about the mercury and wish to avoid that for yourself or your child - you need to ask for:

FluMist - vaccine nasal mist - no mercury/Thimerosal


Single-Use vial - the multi-use vials DO have mercury/Thimerosal. You are allowed to ask your doctor or provider to use a Single-use vial. I do not think the school mass-vaccinations will be using Single-Use vials, so double check that before you allow your school to vaccinate your child.

Watch these 2 videos below - Robert F. Kennedy gives an amazing speech with information anyone should want whether they are for or against vaccinations in general, or or simply worried about the current H1N1 vaccine.

Part 1

Part 2

Education is power!

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