Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Morning Cuddling and Beauty Appointments

Our largest dog, Sage - a Golden Retriever/German Shepherd rescue dog - is our "lover girl" and she hasn't met a hug she didn't like. Now that she is an indoor dog, she has taught our cat dog ( Purebred Pekingese) Sweety a thing or two about being loving and cuddly. lol A few photos of our fun this morning. First Sage was getting all the attention, then Sweety had to jump up and join in. It was pretty funny! They are both laying in my arm (hidden under both dogs.)

(I couldn't get the "red eye" fix to work on those orange eyes - pretty freaky!)

And, if you haven't seen the girls in a while, here are their post-beauty appointment photos. Sweety was so good, she even got a bandana, which isn't a usual occurrence for her. lol She has major anxiety issues AND hates girls/women (except me and my mother), so no females can touch her at the doggy salon. Last time, they had to put her under anesthesia she was so stressed out. This time? The owner's son picked her up and Sweety liked him. Not only did he groom her easily, but she actually seemed happy to let him. That apparently riled up all the "girls" at the shop who had ever tried to love on her/work on her. lol Boys rule according to Sweety!

I was trying to get the girls in front of my for photos, and lover girl herself had to get right up in my face. When I tried to take a closeup, she quickly turned her head and gave me this regal shot. lol

This photo only happened because I implied I was getting her dinner early. Ha!

And this is another one of Sage, wondering when we are getting back on the couch for more cuddling.

They both got quite a bit of hair trimmed off, and hopefully this will last them for a few months.

Have a great day!


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  1. Hey! Thank you for your sweet advice!! We actually already had Harper blood tested for food allergies. She IS allergic to several things but dairy isn't one of them and we avoid all the other things. She gets those dark eyes from her daddy. He looked EXACTLY like that when he was a baby - actually they look just like twins.
    I'm meeting with her ped tomorrow but I'm pretty sure her non sleeping is from teething or the changes in milestones. Actually - she has never slept more than 2-3 hours at a time so it's not new - just was hoping it would be better by now.


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