Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OU Weekend Fun

Time for the 4th Annual 1986 Industrial Engineer Graduates group from the University of Oklahoma to get together and say "hey"! Dinner, tailgating and a winning game = one awesome weekend!

Photo of the Engineers (although only a few still work as engineers!):

L to R: Andy (came in from Tennessee/MS), Brenda (flew in from Georgia), Robert, Caroline (came up from Dallas), Jerry (Also up from Dallas), Linda, Shonda (Flew in from California!), Julie.

Photo with Spouses and Kids:

L to R: Andy, Cheri, Shelly, Brenda, Robert, Jerry, Caroline, Shonda, Kelsey, Julie, Tim, Sam, Linda, Linda and Robert's Son, and Robert.

Best of all - OU won against Baylor!

We had a great weekend - I was able to travel and do all the activities without additional pain. It was really amazing!! I spent most of the weekend with that smile you see in the photo. I was SO happy that I've gotten my life back - thank you God!!! Thank you for the SCS - Spinal Cord Stimulator!!!!

Have a great day!


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