Friday, July 9, 2010

2nd Dallas Trip Update

When I won the Trace Adkins tickets at my high school reunion and even posted the date of July 2nd, I was not personally thinking this through in my head (not uncommon.  lol)  That meant 2 really close trips to Dallas and I didn't know if I could do it.  But, we're home and I'm recovering from 34+ hours of driving to and from in 2 weeks.  (not counting all the driving while there!)    

It never leaves my mind that just 18 months ago, my "driving limit" was 30 to 45 minutes.  What an amazing gift - thank you God again for the SCS - spinal cord stimulator!! 

The concert was great - 3rd row, center seats.  The biggest news was that the front row women did NOT have to all stand up and shake their badonkadonks when he sang that song, which is very good since I do not personally HAVE a badonkadonk.  lol  Just skin and bones back there, folks!  (Does not apply to the rest of my body, sadly.  lol)

Just 3 weeks late, I finally decided where I wanted to have my "birthday dinner" and we took the family to Maggiano's near Dallas.  Love that restaurant and they had never been.  This first photo is my sister Kelley, my mom Debbie and myself.  It's been a long time since we got a photo together and I love how this turned out.

Look how tall Holt has grown!!!! (sshh...I was sitting down.)  He was 6'2 the other day, with shoes on. 

My sister and her husband, Craig.

We are still playing with our new camera and trying to find the best settings.  This wasn't one of them.  lol

Sage was glad to see us - such a sweet dog.  She fell fast asleep and would have stayed there forever if Andy didn't need to get up.  lol

My BIL Jay finished his outdoor landscaping, and it is beautiful!

We're glad to be home.  Next up, moving.  We finally found a place that will be perfect (our current landlords want their house back).  Strangely, the "new" Cheri doesn't like to move anymore.  OK, all you family and friends, pick yourself back up off the floor.  lol  We're hoping the new place is somewhere we can stay until we finally decide what we want to do about buying another house or condo or RV.  lol   

Have a glorious day!


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