Friday, July 23, 2010

Just being real, y'all

Ok, what a morning.  Thought I'd take a photo of my purty nails - I never get my nails polished, but the salon was running a sweet special  for both pedicure and manicures and I thought I'd take these man-hands and spruce them up, to make hubs smile.  And they sure do look nice!  Better than I could ever do......but anyhoo....

I managed to take the photo pretty easily but then, had to read the name of the polish.   Doesn't sound difficult? Dry Eyes problem is really bad today and I'm effectively blind.  So I thought I'd "be real" and show you how I function on days like this:

Ok, so here is the "real" deal.  Notice my lovely velour pants - in July - in Mississippi - at 1pm?  Yep, folks, this is how I roll.  Lovely nerve damage makes me FREEZING all day long, so I get up, throw on these velour pants (one of 8 pair, I think?  Sitting in a chair all day sure makes pants last a LONG time, I've got some from 2005 still!  lol), I've had the socks on all night long - never take those off unless I'm in the pool or out of the house - and then those lovely slippers.   These are the fancy maroon velour pants; I normally wear black or brown.   And I stay like this ALL day unless I have to go somewhere.....just have to stay cozy so I don't freeze!  If you were to feel my toes you'd be shocked at how ice cold they are, too.

So picture my crazy curly morning hair, nightgown, velour pants, socks, brown velour slippers AND my bent over 105 year old granny body for a few hours and you have one............ummm...........well, let's just say I'm not surprised hubs doesn't look at me directly for a few hours.  lol

Anyway....I could NOT read the name on the bottle.  Not one word, so I grabbed my handy dandy magnifying glass that I use ALL THE TIME (yes, I'm only 44 - it is humbling) and read the name.  "Ate Berries In the Canaries" by OPI nail polish.

As you can see, I'm not overdoing it on the "growing the nails out to be super feminine" or anything.  lol  But hey, hubs WAS smiling to see his favorite man-hands looking special.  I'd get a photo of my purty toes, but two things - one, I'd have to lean down and remove my socks and two, I'd then have to reconnect the camera and download the photo.......maybe next time!

In other news, we got another photo from my sister of our dear youngest son - playin' nice with the extended relatives on my BIL's side.  Will this child be coming home to us or the "old" Holt?  lol

See the rare smile and the seemingly real interest in the game the child is holding?  No, this isn't a joke or a spoof photo.  I really and truly got this sent to my real time!!  Thanks Kelley- gotta save these rare photos for the later years!  Kelley swears he's been like this since he got to Texas and WE left.  Must be the Texas air?  lol

And our move is continuing.  Wait - did I use the right pronoun?  I guess I did, it is OUR move.  But WE'RE not doing it, HE is doing it.  Wanna give credit where credit is due.   Wait, is that fair?  Does taking the move-in photos count for much?  lol   But hey, Sweety (the Pekingese) and I ride along whenever I'm having a good pain day.   And my dear hubby (who is also my Sweety, but I digress....) with all his brute strength got one home theater chair over at the new house, so I can sit and play on my iPhone and be "good".  Hubs seems to prefer the "silent but commanding" supervisory style I've mastered.   Key word - Silent!   I'm like the little kid in the above photo - just give me a game or something to play with, and I'm content.

Don't ya just love un-medicated ADHD?  lol 

I'm working on a post to show photos of the new place and hope to get that up soon.  Stay tuned!

Hope you are having a glorious day!!  (I'm warm and cozy and hope you are too!)


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