Monday, July 19, 2010

For Those That Just Don't Understand

There are many who cannot understand how a parent can practice tough love with their child during very bad and/or destructive behavior.  Trust me when I say, we have not always.  Spent most of the years thinking THIS will save him, or maybe THAT will save him. 

In the end, all we were doing was fighting for a future HE was not fighting for.

What does "Let Go and Let God" truly mean when your child is lost?  How exactly is this the best thing to do ? 

I just read the following today and thought it was an excellent visualization.  Don't know who to credit (if someone lets me know, I certainly will.)

A mom and dad had a broken child. They prayed and prayed to God to fix their child. After years and years of praying and seeing their child never getting better, they thought maybe God wasn't listening to their pleading prayers.

Then one night an angel appeared to the parents. They cried with broken hearts, telling the angel about all the prayers they had said for their broken child, but nothing ever got better.

Then the angel told them, "You ask God to fix your broken child. He can, in His own good time, and each time He begins, you keep pulling your broken child back to you, thinking you have discovered something new that will fix him. You are in a tug-of-war with God. He can never fix your child if you won't let go."

We are so willing to take our car to the mechanic, and not tell him how to do his job.
We are so willing to let a surgeon operate, and not tell him how to do his job.
We even open our mouths and let a dentist do unseen things inside.

We trust.

If we are so willing to trust humans, why can't we just trust the One Who is All-Seeing, All-Knowing, All-Merciful, All-Wise? Why can't we take the easiest choice, and just give our broken children over to God and let go?

He can't fix them if we keep getting pulling our broken children away from Him.

Hope you are having a glorious day!


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