Friday, April 1, 2011

My Lucky Day!!

One day last week, a wonderful blogger named Megan contacted me to let me know I was her 30th follower and had won a beautiful handmade necklace of my choosing.  I was so excited!!! 

I knew immediately the hot pink/black and white combo would be perfect for me and I couldn't wait to see it.

Well, it came today and it is AMAZING!!  I have to show this to you!

One thing I was surprised about but LOVE is that the tie is stretchy......not only feels so soft and awesome but gives a nice "feel" in terms of drape.   The hot pink fabric she uses is more like a t-shirt material and SO soft.

You can visit Megan at her blog, The Mrs. 

You can check out her shop HERE.

I can promise you will LOVE these necklaces!!

She also mentioned me on her blog recently, in a review of the Milani lip glosses, although a different style than the one I love.   I myself would never have purchased that purple gloss unless another blogger had not worn it in a video and sold me on it!  (Video on my link.)

Thanks Megan!



Thanks so much for your lovely comments!