Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do you shop at Origins?

I have never been to an Origins store or counter (in Macy's or Dillards near us), and was surprised when I walked in a stand alone store in a shopping area while hubs shopped for new phones.   I loved how the store was NOT heavily scented, or I would have had to leave.  Why do stores do that?

Anyhoo...I asked what products they have for dry, maturing skin and I was introduced to 2 that I want to strongly recommend.  (Others not so much - for example, their foundation was awful for my skin and their eye cream did nothing for me).

First, for mild exfoliation, you must try the Modern Friction - Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion.........this stuff is amazing.  Very sticky and folks, a little goes a LONG way.  I am still using the sample I was given, 3 weeks later!!  I use this 2-3 times a week.  We weren't going to buy it until they used it on my husband and he was SOLD.   Your skin feels baby soft after using this.  (They also have a Modern Friction for the body, but we didn't try that).  We lucked out and found this at a CCS - a store I had also not visited before, so we saved a bit more.

See how thick this is?
 It has little rice beads in it....

This is obviously smeared over skin....very thick, very sticky.  You lightly dampen your face, then apply a tiny amount.    Then rinse off.  Wonderful stuff.

Now the second product had us hesitant at the get go.  WAY more money than we ever spend (and we haven't spent it yet...more on that).   The new very highly touted Plantscription - Anti-Aging Serum.  Have you heard of it or seen the commercials?

This is the SAMPLE.  The full-size has a pump bottle.  One sample size is one week's worth of product.

The sales lady explained that this is their best new creation - an "all natural Retinoid", since Retinols are so damaging to the skin.  Using this plant-based product, the skin is safer but still sees similar or even better results than prescription Retinol products.   Lines and wrinkles were greatly diminished in clinical trials.

Well, my engineer husband just really wanted to know WHY the cost is $55 for 1 fl oz (that they say will last 3 months but engineer hubby did the math and will actually run out sooner compared to the sample size)? Me too.   That gal gave us a sample and assured us we'd be back.    From what I've been reading online in testimonials, long-time Youthtopia users went to the store with a scowl, NOT planning on liking Plantscription and now they are saying "Youthtopia who?"  lol

It takes a TINY amount - more is not better!  You put it on after the toner but before your moisturizer.  I use this much or LESS each morning and evening:

Sorry for the blurry photo - this product is very smooth and thinly creamy...not sure how to describe.  It leaves a light film on the face before soaking in.  You almost can't feel it.
 As I mentioned, we were traveling last week, so guess what we did?  We ended up acquiring 5 samples at 5 different stores!!!!!!!  The advertising states that one will see dramatic results within 6 weeks, so we decided to find out before purchasing.  Smart, eh? 

I can tell you that SOMETHING huge has happened to my skin in the last 2 weeks.  Is it the Plantscription and/or the Modern Friction?  I cannot tell you for sure, but it is amazing.  Hubs has actually stopped and looked deeply at my skin, run his fingers across my face and asked what was different.  Remember he's an engineer.  I'm not "data".  lol  If HE noticed, it is noticeable.

Am I going to run out and purchase this?  No.  Honestly, not in the budget and I am still deeply in love with my Simply Divine Botanical  - all natural, no chemicals whatsoever - skin care products (that I have written about MANY times...) and have plenty of those to use up.  But I will wait and see what my skin does after I run out of samples.  lol  And then, I'll give another opinion.  Is it really something I can't live without?  We'll see.

Meanwhile, Hubs and I BOTH are using the Modern Friction......such wonderful, soft skin.  And at the amounts required, that tube will last us over 6 months if not longer.

If you didn't already know, Origins is a very "sample-friendly" store.  Just go in and ask for a sample or schedule a free facial...and they will explain the best products for your skin type and the steps recommended.

*I was NOT compensated in any way for this post by any company.  My opinions are truthful and my own.


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