Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CraftGawker - I've Been Published

Jill over at Creating My Way To Success asked me if I had heard of CraftGawker and had I submitted any of my photos?  Well, NO!

I went to the site today and LOVED it.  So many awesome photos

I submitted 2 (max of 2 at a time) and in a few hours, they were both accepted and are now viewable on their site.

YAY!!  I am having so much fun with my new lightbox, taking so many different photos...this is so fun.

If you want to see the current photos, here are the numbers:



# 22801

I can't link directly to them as they link directly to my blog posts.   The hardest part?  Picking my favorite photo to submit.  lol  

If you ever see a photo I take that is a little "odd" but you just love it, please let me know....maybe I should submit some of the more "creative" ones?

Check out CraftGawker....so many gorgeous photos...you can create a favorites area...submit photos...etc.

Thanks so much Jill!!



  1. Congrats Cheri! What is the purpose of the site? Just for viewing other craft photos?

  2. Hi Mitzi...I think that is what it is for..showcasing photos that meet their criteria with the purpose of inspiration. I noticed at the top of the page a few other "gawker sites"...dwellinggawker, weddinggawker, foodgawker..I can't believe I've never heard of it, but at the very bottom of the page in black it shows all the categories. I looked at every crochet photo....WOW! And I love that it takes you directly to the post that explains/shows/has the pattern, etc.

  3. Congratulations, Cheri! How exciting!!!

  4. Congratulations, brilliant photos!!! I will have to check them out on the site :-)



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